Pipedream Workaround | GET method for backend Workflows

*Please excuse any typo’s and not providing detailed instructions for each step. I was running short on time.

Here is a quick step-to-step guide on how to use Pipedream to forward a webhook using any method to your Bubble backend workflow aka api endpoint.

Step 1 - Create a “NEW WORKFLOW” in Pipedream

Step 2 - Create an “HTTP / Webhook” trigger for your new workflow

Step 3 - Note down the webhook URL
You will use this URL to send your webhooks from the 3rd party app which you are setting up. This webhook supports all methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE…)

Step 4 - Create a new “STEP” in your workflow
This step will basically take your incoming webhook and forward it to your Bubble backend api workflow aka api endpoint.

Step 5 - Create your new backend workflow in Bubble

**Step 6 - Start the initializer by pressing “Detect data” and COPY your backend workflow URL

Step 7 - Enter your Bubble backend workflow URL

Step 8 - Chose all the types of data you want to forward to your bubble workflow
To keep this guide simple, I will only choose to forward the “data” aka “body” of the incoming hook.

STEP 9- Chose the “+method” from “optional” and from the drop-down list chose the “POST” method. This method will be used to forward the webhook to Bubble.

Step 10 - Go ahead TURN OFF the “structured mode” and simply pass the data param which you received from the trigger step. Using the drop-down list and at the end press the “select path”

Step 11 - Hit “DEPLOY” and you’re DONE!

Important Note - Once you have successfully initialized the workflow in Bubble, Do not forget to go back in Pipedream and remove the /initialize from the URL and hitting DEPLOY again

Here is the link to the public view of this workflow in Pipedream - https://pipedream.com/@shawnmi6/forward-bubble-webhook-p_7NCyK1


Honestly, this is going to be so helpful to a lot of folks here on the forum who’ve struggled with configuring webhooks. Thanks a million, again.


Thanks so much for this quick intro to Pipedream!

So respond to a Nylas webhook setup call I added this action, which I then removed:
Screenshot 2020-10-21 at 16.13.52

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did this help you solve the facebook webhook connection problem?


Yes indeed!

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Curious if you used this to connect to the facebook pages API?

I can’t thinkof a reason it would not work for Facebook’s webhooks

Hey @shawnmi6, thanks! I’ve never used Pipedream but it looks great! (even has cron scheduler) I’ve done this with a couple of other services but they were a bit of a pain to setup. Look forward to giving this a try.

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i am exactly here, getting partial success with integromat but unable to get the data from facebook pages that shows in integromat over to bubble.

wish me luck :slight_smile:


How did this work out for you?

Thx for following up! Got sidetracked with some other projects, but I will be definitely returning to this in the next couple weeks.

Great thread and solved a big problem for me! One issue I’m running into though is that it works in my /version-test/, but it’s not working in my Live application. I created duplicate workflows in Pipedream, other than updating the URL and have them both active. The one going to the development instance works, but the live version does not.

I tried setting Pipedream with /initialize first (point to Live URL), but I get an error code 404. As-is, without trying to redo the initialize I get an error code 400 (screenshot below):

It’s set to run without authentication in both development and live.

Any help would be appreciated!

This has been incredibly helpful, thanks a lot! I used it to connect Facebook Events to my Bubble Webhook.


@jeff.stroh pm me and I am happy to glance over your workflow to see what the issue is.

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Thanks @shawnmi6 . I was able to figure it out finally. It wasn’t anything wrong with Pipedream, it was a step in the Bubble workflow after what the webhook was doing. Tough to figure out from the error message!

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