[Tool] Use GET request with backend API ♻️ (GET to POST method converter)

Good afternoon!
As you may know, Bubble backend is only able to receive POST requests, which can become a limitation when working with webhooks and be difficult to easily handle.

After struggling ourself sending with this issue and seeing that this seemed to be a common issue we decided to release a tool that transforms GET request to POST request.

Is it made entirely using Bubble and Xano.




  1. First, create an account on the platform

  2. Create a new app on the platform
    Make sure to use your correct Bubble app name. More information on how to find it can be found here.

  1. Activate the Bubble app converter

  1. You’re good to go!
    The platform will generate a unique link that you can now use to forward your request.

Example request

:arrow_right: The platform automatically generates the structured URL, no need to worry about all of this. The following is just for reference.

Let’s consider the following API workflow “my_backend_workflow” previously accessible from the following URL:

If I want to send a GET request to my Bubble endpoint called “my_backend_workflow” on the test version of my app, here’s the new URL to use:

Bubble Helper URL/convert/Bubble Helper ID/Version/my_backend_workflow?parameter1=value,…

Pricing and financing

Bubble Helper is made for the community for a non-profit purpose and financed by Ottho.
On your dashboard, you will find the Transparency section which publicly indicates the platform costs and revenues.

We will use extra generated money to develop new features and improve the platform’s stability and performance.
Note that we’d also offer unlimited plan for all non-profit purpose or developing country based apps :leaves:
Regarding the pricing, here is it:

Additional features




I have a service that uses a GET to authenticate a webhook URL, and then once authenticated, it sends POSTs with the actual data. Is it possible to use this to accept the initial GET request, then accept and forward POSTs after that?

I’m sorry - I’m not sure I understand what you mean!