Pivot Table, Maybe?

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I looked through the forum for help with this and found something that got me close, but not all the way there. Can someone please help me with this?

I would appreciate any help you can offer.

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Doing it only in a repeating group is going to be tricky.

What I might do is create a temporary set of data on page load (for this course) which contains the “pivot table”.

Then reference that in the repeating group.

Hey @ben4,

I’m not at my computer to test this but I believe your grouping on the attendance RG is causing your issue. Try making the type of content User and then do the same search for attendances but it should look like this: ‘Do a search for attendances Users: Unique elements’

That will return only users with attendance records.

In your sub RG where you are displaying the hours you should be able to perform some type of ‘search for attendance where user is parent cells user and date is current cells date: first item’

In theory that should do what you need to do.


:grimacing: Here I thought I was making progress in my bubble knowledge. @NigelG and @eli, you have both gone over my head. I attempted Eli’s suggestion and only got so far. I did the search as you suggested but it lost the grouping, meaning it showed the three records for 1 person enrolled. I wasn’t able to get to the sub repeating group as there were three records where there should be one. Maybe I missed something?

Nigel, I’m sorry to say I didn’t understand anything you mentioned.

ACTUALLY, scratch that, I just kept going with your train of thought, and I got it!!! :slight_smile: I appreciate it. Now onto the next issue!! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the help!

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