Place an alert in the middle of the page

Hello everyone,

I have built a reusable element with an alert, but since the reusable element is a group with a card placed in the bottom of many pages when the alert is triggered it pops up in the bottom, where I placed the reusable element. Is there any way to place this in the middle of the page instead?


Maybe I found a workaround, making a popup instead and setting fade in and fade out as described here: How to make popups fade out the background?

If someone has any other solution for that, please share it. Thanks!

Using the popup instead of alert, with ‘animate’ workflows (fade in/fade-out) works good!

If you’re using popups for simple alerts, I suggest you use plugin alerts such as Airalert or BEP alert.

They’re pretty lightweight, small, and pops up wherever you decide them to. Popup, by default, pops right in the middle of the screen

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Ty @ntabs! Good to know, I’ll try it out!

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