Show Alert and move elements down

I have a lead capture form in a reusable popup. After it’s submitted, I display an alert saying “Thanks…” I have the Alert in the popup and it appears on top of the page as I wanted. However, it’s slapped on top of the header. I want to have the alert push the elements out of the way when it is displayed. Any idea on how I should set this up? Or perhaps a best practices approach instead? Thanks!

Use a popup group instead of an Alert element. (Or just position your alert element somewhere else.)

Hmm. I was trying to go for a bootstrap alert effect.

It’s not ideal but I guess I can just leave the alert in the popup and show it within submission form.

You have to add a group (or possibly just text) it at the top of the screen. Have everything brought down underneath it. Then hide it. Only show it when you want to. As long as you have collapse on hidden, then it will move everything up and down like you want. It works, I have done it before in one of my apps. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Ah! Got it, thanks. That makes sense and is what I was looking for.

Glad it helped! :blush:

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