Display an Alert when a Popup is showing?

Is it not possible to add an Alert element, to a Popup? When I try to drag an Alert element into a a popup, nothing happens.

I’m customizing the Login/Signup pop-up and I’d like to display an alert to the user if their email address isn’t valid. I’m using Bubble’s Email Confirmation to do this. I know there are other options, like displaying a text next to the email input field if the email address isn’t valid. This is my backup option, but I’d prefer to show an alert as it’s more consistent with how I plan to use alerts for the rest of the app.

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Is it not possible to add an Alert element, to a Popup?

Yes, you can add an alert to a popup the same as you would to any other part of your page.

Can you elaborate a bit more on what the problem you’re having is? The alert is not appearing in the popup when you draw it in?

Or it’s not showing when you try to trigger it?

You are able to. You MUST make sure that all of the alert fits in the popup. If not it will move it under it. Basically it wont stay on the popup. So make sure that you size it right.

I dont know why that would happen. It seems a bit odd. You just gotta make sure the fitting is just right. If you still are having trouble. Go to the add a plugin page on the side menu. And select all categories on the side when it pops up. And search for “alerts” and there is really cool alerts. It will pop up in the right corner and you have full customization of it. When you add a plugin. Most alert plugins to use them you have the go to your workspace. And when you add something there is a spot for plugins where you select what alert you want.

If you are still having trouble to PM me and ill be glad to make you a video n how to do it and things you can do.

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Thanks for the responses. Super helpful. I was trying to drag the alert onto the popup page. But now I realize I have to select the alert element and draw it on the page. Ugh, I guess this was silly on my part. I’m fairly new to Bubble (clearly). Thanks again.


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