Plan renewal or subscription end date

is there a way to email the subscriber about their plan date ending or renewal date is close?

I want to make a subscription, so it’ll display the date when their subscription ends and they’ll get a email 7 days or 48 hours before it ends.

can anyone help me.

thank you!

There are several ways to do this…

If you’re using Stripe (although I’m sure most payment processors will have the same…), you can set up a webhook to trigger at a pre-defined time before the subscription is due… then you can send the customer an email via a workflow…

Or, if you’re storing a subscription object in your own database (which I’d recommend) then you’ll have the renewal date in your own database, so you can simply schedule a backend workflow to run a defined number of days before it’s due.

well I’m not using any payment type. once the customer buys the subscription, I will manually turn the data type to “Subscription = yes”

I’ve seen someone do it somehow so it’ll be an year after.
so once I turn it to “Yes” I want the member to get it on the members page as “Your subscription ends on 12/09/2023”

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying (what do you mean by ‘payment type’? do you mean you’re not using any payment processor? If so then how are you taking payment? and why are you doing things manually?)

In any case, as I said above all you need to do is schedule a backend workflow to run 7 days and/or 48 hours before the subscription renewal date.

To show the subscription end date on the member page just display the date the subscription ends in a textbox (i.e.subscription's end date).

so I take payments manually, once a customer buys something from the website, they will be transferred to the discord server. then they’ll open a ticket and then they’ll send their email so I can search and find their order.

I will then process their order and send them a PayPal link to pay the amount.

so I want it when I finish the process of the payment, I will set the data from the bubble editor app data. I will search the users email and set the “member = yes”. this then lets them have access to a page which is only for members who purchased it.

I want then a text to be on that page to say “Your subscription ends on …” and when that date ends, it’ll automatically remove the permission and turn it to “member = no”. which then will not let the member have access to that particular page.

I hope you get what I mean! its a bit confusing to explain.


I hope you get what I mean! its a bit confusing to explain.

Yes, I understand what you mean, and I’ve already answered both your questions (twice), so I’m not sure if there’s any further question you have?

In any case, just to recap… you just need to create a subscription object in your database (when you create the subscription), which will obviously store (amongst other things) the end/renewal date of the subscription.

You can easily display that date on the member page anywhere you like.

Then just schedule a backend workflow to run 7 days before the end of the subscription, to send a reminder email, and another to run 48 hours before.

Then, schedule another to run on the date the subscription ends to switch their member field back to ‘no’.

I just didn’t find how to do it, tried doing it myself and didn’t work.

ill give it a try and hopefully it works out.

thank you for help!

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I am very confused on how to make this work. I created a custom event and its giving me all errors and now what I want.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to? What are you trying to make work? What custom event? What errors?

Are you familiar with creating and accessing data in Bubble, and scheduling workflows? If so this should be very simple…

If not, I suggest you take a step back and learn the basics of writing and reading data in the database, and creating and scheduling backend workflows (go through the Bubble tutorials as a starting point).

Once you understand the basics, the outline I’ve given above should be simple for you to follow…

Which parts are you having trouble with?

creating the whole custom event and all. just not familiar with it.

I’m not sure what custom events have to do with anything here??..

If you’re talking about backend workflows, they work just the same as an on-page workflow (just they run on the server)…

So just create the relevant backend workflows (i.e. to send the emails, and to change the member status etc.), then schedule them to run on the correct dates (you’ll want to do that when you create the subscription object in your database).

how do you create relevant backend workflow?

and with scheduled date, all subscriptions won’t end on the same date, its 1 year after the user buys the subscription.

and by object in by database, do you mean the data types??

is the backend workflows or scheduling free?? or do I have to upgrade.

Just go to your backend workflow editor and click ‘click here to add a backend workflow’ then select 'New API Workflow)…
note: you’ll need to enable API and Backend workflows first in the API tab of your app settings…
note: backend workflows are not available with free Bubble plans.

and with scheduled date, all subscriptions won’t end on the same date, its 1 year after the user buys the subscription.

Yes, exactly…

and by object in by database, do you mean the data types??

By ‘object’ I mean a ‘Thing’ in your database… you’ll need a datatype for ‘Subscription’, and then you’ll need to created a new database entry (‘object’ or ‘Thing’, whichever you prefer), whenever a new subscription is created.

that’s why its not working. I’m on the free plan of bubble apps.

Ah… well there you go then.

I’m going to add some context to this so as to not get flagged by the automated and/or community. I am tagging posts that include limitations of the Bubble paywall on free plans that prevent developers from fully building out an app before paying Bubble as #bubbledum

I’m tagging them this way as a way to easily find them in the future and hopefully to gain community backing and awareness to the fact that Bubble needs to seriously reconsider removing these as part of their upcoming pricing restructure.

All developers should be able to build a full-blown app in test mode to create a proof of concept before having to pay a monthly fee. Yes, this is available on the agency plan, but again this requires a monthly fee.

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This whole thread was something ha !