Platform split payments

Hi there,

I’m building a platform where suppliers create orders and users on the platform can pay these orders. I take a 5% fee and the supplier get the rest.

However, in some cases, it can be 2 or more different suppliers on one order and I would like to still have the user to just click like “Checkout” and pay the total of that order and then split the payments to each supplier.

A normal choice would be Stripe Connect, however, they don’t support Chinese accounts and there will only be Chinese suppliers on the platform.

Anyone that has a recommendation of what I can do or what payment method to use instead?


Regarding Payment merchant choice, you’ll have to do some research to find one which operates in China, as the regulatory landscape is very different. Maybe somebody else in the forum can help.

Regarding multiple suppliers receiving payment from a single customer payment, you can simply direct the customer payment towards your own platform account, and then send out transfers to the suppliers account after you’ve received payment.