Splitting Stripe Subscription Fee between Two Accounts?

Hello, currently in my application I’m using stripe connect to payout some fee to the seller. On my platform, users create subscriptions and the linked seller gets some fee. I now want to be able to payout 2 sellers instead of 1 for a single connect checkout is that somehow possible? As it is a subscription, both sellers will get a fee at each renewal.

You will need to use what Stripe refers as ‘Seperate charges and Transfers’.
This is exactly what it sounds like. Your platofrm account recieves the customer’s charge/subscription fee, and you then send transfers to the sellers from your platform account.

I’m not sure to be honest how to actually implement this. For one time charges this seems okay but as we’re talking about a subscription here, both accounts need to be paid every renewal of the subscription. Also, as I’m not good with Stripe API, I did try to Create a product, plan and a subscription. Then after subscribing the user I tried to Send a transfer using Stripe Connect Marketplace Plugin to both accounts but stripe logged an error in its dashboard saying insufficient funds. Probably because payment isn’t cleared yet and needs a few days…

If you want to implement this yourself you’ll have to do some reading of the stripe manual. I’m not sure whether the plugin would be able to handle this use-case (i’ve never used it).

Essentially you’ll have to use a webhoook to detect when a subscription is paid by the customer. This webhook will trigger an API workflow in your bubble backend which will initiate a transfer to the corresponding sellers.
As you said, you cannot assume that as soon as the subsciption is created, the funds will be ready immediately.

Thanks for getting back to me. Can you throw me in the right direction a bit more? From what I gather looking at you reply:

  1. Subscribe the user to a Subscription.
  2. Schedule an API workflow almost 5-6 days after now that transfers some money to the First Connect Account & some to the Second Connect Account.

Right? But then even if I create a webhook that listens to the renewal of a subscription, not all subscriptions will have such scenario, some only have to pay a fee to only 1 connect account. How do you think I can differentiate these subscriptions? I’m trying to manage the WU too here lol.

Are you already saving this information somewhere on the database? I would imagine so. And you’d use this saved info to determine to whom to send the transfers.

If i may ask, what type of subscriptions are you dealing with? Why are they going to multiple sellers? This will help with the tips


Not right now, but I can store the info in database to differentiate, though how do I manage the WU with my scenario im not sure lol.

Well, it’s basically like a referral but in some cases it can stack upto 2 people. Kind of like if I invited you and then you invited another potential buyer for a specific subscription then both you and me gets a commission.

Ahh Ponzinomics, love it.

This shouldn’t be WU intensive.
It might be tempting to add a list of users to the user datatype which represent the user’s referrers or something of that sorts. However Current User is downloaded to the page on every page load , consuming WU for every unneccessary field you added to it. (This wouldnt be much WU but i’m saying this mainly to let you know in general about this WU consideration). I would personally store the information about referrals on a separate datatype.

Do you already store information in the database about referrals in general? How do you store invitation links?