PLEASE Enable Hotfix Branch for Lesser Plans

As part of the newest version control system release, the team added the ability to create a “Hotfix” branch from live. This is an incredibly useful feature, as it allows us to quickly fix issues that appear in live without having to put the development version into a stable state. Honestly, this feature seems long overdue, as being able to quickly fix issues is crucial to the success of an app.

I understand that development of features in bubble takes time, and that you would want to lock some of these features behind higher-tier plans. I’m not asking that the entire version control system be moved to a lower plan. HOWEVER, having the ability to hotfix locked behind a >$500/month plan is a bit crazy given how critical it is.

From a business perspective, having this feature be available to lower tiers (even if its just Professional) could provide some benefits. First, you can think of it as a “preview” of the full version control system. An app owner who is able to successfully use the hotfix feature to avert a crisis might consider upgrading to the Production plan to make development easier in the future. Additionally, having it available for lower tiers would make it easier to convince those concerned about issues to use bubble in the first place.

If you’re hesitant to launch it fully, perhaps limit its scope. Maybe you can only have one hotfix branch active at a time, or maybe it has a time limit to it. Whatever the solution, having this available certainly would give smaller app owners peace of mind when using bubble. I run a bubble agency, and only one of my clients is at the level where a Production plan is even financially viable. But there have been situations with multiple clients where having this feature would have been game changing.