Please help asap guys

can anyone please share an editor with a big database (500-1000) entries for like 10 mins so I can just test something out? Please anyone

Just when you think you’ve seen it all out here. Shoot your shot, I guess.


I just wanna test if filtering a RG through url will make it to slow because of the big amount of data, thats all, I asked that question but no body answered. Thats all there is to it…

You only asked the question (in another thread) 25 minutes ago, and asking for someone to give you access to an editor so you can test something is not a reasonable thing to ask.

I’m not sure I’d consider 500 to 1000 database entries a ‘big amount of data’…

In any case I can’t imagine too many people are gonna give you access to their (paid) app just so you can ‘try something’…

Why don’t you just create 1000 things in your own app and try it there?..

If I knew a way to create 1000 things within an hour I would, but i dont. Plus i dont have the personal paid plan which gives you acces to csv uploads. Im just trying to find a solution. Maybe my question was to direct or not configured properly but I didnt mean no harm or anything

A backend recursive workflow should only take 10-15 mins to create 1000 database entries…

The Data API Bulk Create endpoint will take less than a minute…

But if your on the free plan why are you even worried about ‘large’ amounts of data?..

(and, just out of interest, what is it you need to test out?)

tommorow i am buying the personal plan, but until then I wanted to test this out. I didnt know about the methods you mentioned, the only method I knew was typing in every single thing. The thing that I need to test out is my search page. On my search page I have a RG which only shows elements which contain the URL paramater. I am trying to test if this method will make it too slow in a way that the RG will be too slow in showing results.

Nah…. @mikeloc and @adamhholmes are chill your ask is just unreasonable :blush: no one is going to give you access to their data :innocent:

You can create your own test environment


thats ok, I understand that now, I am just saying to say that normally, like you just did. The way that I though of it is "I am not for sure the first one that wants to test things on a large DB. I do not know how to create one, lets see if someone can help me out for 10 mins. " In my mind I would have no problem sharing something like this if I am not using it and I only had it as a testing element. That was my thought process, so nothing harmfull or anything like that. Maybe I am just too new to this so my question was considered malicious… just wanted to clarify all of this cuz I really didnt mean anything bad

It’s all good, @marko1. I don’t think anyone (including myself) thought you were trying to do anything bad. It was just a very unusual request, so much so that I have literally never seen anyone ask it before.

To Adam’s point, though, you really aren’t talking about a lot of data, and I’m guessing you will be fine no matter how you go about filtering it.


I understand how the question might look hahahaha, so from my part: my bad about the question hahaha. Anyway, I found a youtube video talking about the thing Adam said - the data API bulk create. So I will leave it the link to the video here if anyone else in the future need it. And also, thank you adam for the solution and you boys for the boxing match hahahaha. All in all, my bad for the question and lets just keep it chill haha. Here is the link as I said: How to Create Data in Bulk in | Tutorial - YouTube

Put it this way. Are you going to give up your car keys to someone on the street just because they asked you nicely? Hello no. Idiotic.

So instead of you asking your question about what issue you were having, your decided to ask for car keys. And then you got pissy when people said no.

So here are the rules, ask your questions with as much clarity and background as possible, and people will try and help. But ask for car keys, and you get politely told off.

I think it’s fair.

Now in all of this, you didn’t actually tell anyone what your issue was. Care to dive into it?

FWIW, if your question is whether searching based on a URL parameter is slower than a search where the user inputs a constraint, in my experience it isn’t. I have some pages set up this way.

It appears that Bubble looks at both search methods the same way – it just grabs the constraint from wherever you tell Bubble to grab it (url parameter, dropdown, whatever), then executes the search.

But if you anticipate reloading the page with every search, via a new url search parameter, then yes that is slower. But that’s because of the time it takes to load the page. How much slower depends on the size and complexity of the page.

I also believe there are some plugins that get around this by allowing the url (and url search parameters) to change without a page reload. You can find them via searching the forum or plugin library.

Nobody in this thread is a mod, @jacob123, and if you think the request is reasonable, give marko access to the editor of one of your apps… simple as that.


Hi OP,

Any searches using constraints without client side operators (such as :filtered) will always be snappy. Search times increase exponentially when your search constraints result in large (thousands) records being downloaded client-side (which can be slightly mitigated with Repeating Group pagination).

Though there are search operators that you can use without worry such as :count :first item :last item :item#

There are users with DBs in the hundred thousands and server side searches are still fast. I myself have a few thousand in my CRM and server side searches are fast.

As someone new to Bubble you should be focused on ensuring you have your DB and fields setup so you won’t depend on client-side filters. Think about how searches in your app will work and build out accordingly.

There are alot of resources you can look out for with a quick Google. I’m on the move right now so it’s abit inconvenient for me right now to share them. Look for “Satellite data in Bubble” “Client-side versus Server-side searches in Bubble” and that should get you started.

That being said you should have prefaced your question by stating the problem that you need help with and then ask if someone is willing to share their DB. You would have gotten awesome responses from our resident gurus @mikeloc and @adamhholmes

Just wanted to add that there is a legend plugin builder who can answer all questions that you may have, like a genie in a bottle. Like a genie in a bottle to summon him would be to incur his wrath!


i think the rude part is rather calling the the thread “please help asap guys”
you assumed my gender!
but jokes aside, it sounds like your favourite pet giraffe is dieing and that is not an acceptable way to lure people who like to help, into helping you in a thread, no matter if it works or not.