Please wait, the entries are being deleted - TOO LONG

Deleting entries in the database, if you have more than 100, simply takes too long. And I don’t understand why this is the case. Any ideas?

Is this via the Data Tab ?

Yes, it can take a while.

You might be better off having a workflow triggered by a button, or use a Bulk API workflow.

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Yes, in the Data Tab.

What I want to understand is why this is the case. It doesn’t appear to me that there should be any technical reason for it to be so slow. Is it deliberately throttled down for some reason?

Is there a technical reason for the database performance being slow to delete records (and upload data too)? Are you guys working to improve it? Is there something I can do to speed things up on my end?

For deleting many items, as posted above, we recommend Bulk operations. For uploads, if you are creating a new thing, the fields have to be validated against their data types which can take some time. If you are modifying a thing through uploads, then checking the thing actually exists can also take some time. That said, there shouldn’t be a significant lag for either but do submit a bug report if you’re seeing one.

What is significant?
Should it take 1+ hr to delete 2,000 records?
Should it take 30 minutes to upload those same 2,000 records?

Depends on your app, complexity of workflows and capacity.

Even the Workflow action ‘Delete a list of things…’ take too long. It’s taking me like 90 seconds to delete 150 rows using the delete action in a workflow…


So you are saying that it’s faster to delete 1 item at a time using an API Workflow than a regular ‘Delete a list of things’ action on a regular workflow?


The benefit of an API workflow on a list action is that your user can navigate away from the page (if the workflow is user initiated) and the workflow doesn’t timeout as quickly when you have larger lists.