PLEASE HELP! How to show nearby places likes Uber eats? Just like the Eaty Template from Zeroqode

Hello all, with the first app I am trying to build, I need some help with community!

How to show nearby places like Uber eats does with the user’s current location? I am trying to clone Uber eats! Just learning the platform much better. I have seen videos but I don’t wanna do it with Map element and the market. Just like how the Easy template from zeroqode displays dynamic content according to the location. I also want to show places from my database which are 5kms away from the user location!

Hey there, have you checked out this forum thread: Show list of addresses within a radius of 5km to user's location on Map It gives pretty detailed instructions to find places within a radius. Do keep in mind that even if you don’t want to use the Map element on your page, you will still need to use geographic data to achieve this feature which will require setting up your Google Map API keys.

Thanks a lot! I understood how it works. I have been searching for it since so long.

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