PLEASE HELP** password reset error

Hi guys
When our password reset needs to be confirmed it comes up with the error message
“This is not a valid reset request. Please have another email sent to you.”

The work flow works well i.e. emails, navigations… I just cannot understand why the final step of this pw reset work flow will not process?

Has anyone else dealt with this? or has any tips?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Are you testing this from a link sent with the “send password reset email” action or using a password reset token in a custom email?

That link is important as it identifies the user being reset and is a one-time use. So simply previewing the reset_pw page isn’t how you want to test it. Make sure you run through the entire sequence of events: from sending the reset email to clicking to then resetting on the reset_pw page.

I have been testing it through the Live version and using the Link provided to reset my PW. I’m confused as to why there would be an error in this?

Thankyou for the fast reply!

Hm, could you share a screenshot of your workflow with the reset action or a link to your editor?

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