Trying to pass newly created data to new page

Hi all,

I don’t know why I’m struggling with this so much but whatever reason the answer isn’t coming to me and I need some guidance.

The problem -
I’m a signed in user and I’m wanting to create a new property that only I will have access to. When I fill out the necessary input fields and submit my data to the ‘property’ data type I then want to go directly to the property page that I’ve just created using navigation → go to page, etc.

For the life or me I can’t figure out how to do it. The page needs to be private so I don’t want to give it a slug. Do I have to do something with parameters? The way I was going to approach it was to show the most recently created property for that particular user, but I feel that that’s not right? Or maybe it is? If anyone can shed some light on the correct way to do it and put me out of my misery I’d greatly appreciate it!


Hi there, @frazer.findlater… what you described could be as simple as having a page that has a content type of property, and in the workflow where you create a new property, have the final step go to the property page and send the result of the step in which the property was created to the page. At that point, you will have access to the newly-created property’s data on the next page.

If you have already tried what I suggested above, maybe share some screenshots of your setup so it will be easier for someone to help.


Thanks for the reply, @mikeloc - that’s exactly what I’m after. I don’t know why I struggled so much with it!

So I’m saving the data in step three -

and using that data to send to my ‘property’ page.

However, when I do that I just get three small dots (…) - I can see that the data has saved correctly in the DB and when the property page loads, for a split second I can see the correct text but then it just shows the ellipsis. Do you know why this is?

Thanks again for your help with this!

Do you have any privacy rules in place on the Property data type?

Turns out the container I was using was too small so the text was being truncated. As soon as I made the content govern the size of the container then it showed correctly!

Thanks again for your help @mikeloc - really appreciate it!

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