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App editor not loading and/or saving data — [prev: Animating groups and text within repeater not possible or bug?]

When attempting to animate a group or a text element within a repeating group using workflow animation I am unable to see my groups or text objects in the dropdown list of available Elements. All I am able to see in the available list of options is the repeating group that is on the page but not the groups or text within it.

Edit: I am going to assume this is a temporary bug, because now my entire list of elements in the editor sidebar will not load. The “x Errors” dialogue is throwing errors but the list of errors is empty.

Edit 2: I can not tell if this is an issue on my end or something affecting all Bubble apps at this time. Is anyone else out there unable to load their Bubble editor? All I get is “We’re loading your app…” and it never disappears. After a while the page hangs and I have to restart Chrome. Would be helpful to know if I need to file a bug report or continue waiting for a fix.

I am also having major issues with not only the editor but the app itself. Editor is perpetually “Saving …” and the app is loading very slowly and incompletely. I hope it’s merely site maintenance…

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I’m unable to access the editor as well. I would guess the original issues seem to be related to this. Maybe change the order of the thread title so the issue and severity is more apparent.

Same here!

I’m seeing the editor now, still slower than usual and saving is taking 5-10s per edit but everything does load.

Looks like it is solved.

I can access the editor, but I’m having problems saving as well. Bad enough to leave editing alone for the time being.

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