Please tell me how to live stream

Please tell me how to live stream

Step 1 - Navigate to
Step 2 - Search ‘how to live stream’
Step 3 - Live stream

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I’m not saying that
Is there a way to embed a live stream on my app?
I heard that

Depends on the platform and what you’re trying to achieve, but generally the answer is yes. At base level, using an HTML element. At a bigger level, using a plugin.

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Is it free if one user is enough to live?
If so, how can I do that?

Not sure I understand. A search in the forum should help.


Hey there @python2020112,

You can stream live for free on YouTube. Then you can embed the player within your app using some HTML via iFrame.

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Will you be sued by youtube if you use it?

If nothing happens, I want to do it ,

I don’t believe so. YouTube offers an iFrame embedding option when you click the “Share” button on a video.

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I’m sorry, let me ask you the last question

Is there any basis for that?

What do you mean?

I am sorry
Is there a reason?

A reason for what?

I don’t believe so.

I don’t believe you’ll get sued by YouTube because YouTube itself provides a “Share” button on their videos, as shown in the screenshot attached below.

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I say it many times
Thank you very much! !!

No problem!

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