Plug in action Twilio - make a call error

Hi I am trying to use a button to trigger a call to myself (very simple thing).
I received the folowing error message:

TypeError: context.request is not a function.
I completed the API information.
The TwiML file URL is

Also see the attached error message.

app plugin error

You have an error in your code of the plugin.

It is all buttons and clicks…where can i view the source code. It is no-code environment…

If it’s a plugin you got off store it could be an out of date one. Can you share screenshot of which plugin you’re using?

You could be passing a value that breaks the plugin bc it’s misformatted but due to the error I don’t think that’s the case.

This is the one I am using…

Well to & from both have to be a phone number (with country code)

And add your fileURL.

From has to be a number owned by the twilio account.


looks like I need two australian numbers. Previously I tried one US number (provided by Twilio) and one AU number (my own)…

The fileURL was already there when I created the flow…I didn’t change it and I don’t know what I should change it to or I need to change it at all.