Plugin Announcement: Engage your customers with OneSignal web notifications

Hi @marktuff and @chad! This plugin is only for use in web browsers. Mobile push notifications for wrappers are not available with this plugin for the time being. Let me know if you have any further questions!


Hi @sam8 , thanks for the response! Thought so, but wasn’t sure if there was some workaround.

For some reason I can’t get this working on iOS-devices.
I tried with both Safari and then Chrome an iPhone and an iPad but the prompt to allow notifications won’t appear.

I can send notifications from iOS-devices that appear on the others I’ve enabled (android phone and pc w chrome). So I know that bit works fine from iOS-devices.
It’s enabling notifications on iOS that does not.
Read through the documentation but couldn’t see anything there.

Is there something I’m missing?

Web notifications don’t work on iOS it’s an Apple thing

Bummer. Hope they enable it soon.
Luckily most of my users are on Android rather than iOS.

Is there some way of getting notifications on iOS at all?

+1 I would like to know

I think there is some way to do it when wrapping the app, there is settings within the wrapper

Let’s get one thing straight: There is no difference between “web apps” and “native apps”… save for notifications.

SO, if Apple enables notifications, there’s no more walled garden.

Do you see the issue now?

Of course, the enabling TECHNOLOGIES for notifications (web workers) create a plausible deniability scenario for Apple.

“Multi-threaded applications consume battery life. JS is single-threaded. We can’t have heretics in the garden, now, can we? The battery life is the way.”


Unfortunately a large part of the world does play the game by owning Apple devices

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Hi @sam8, great work on the plugin!

seems like it will be brilliant but unfortunately like a lot of bubbles very thorough functionality, really lacks any actionable workflows or instructions to implement.

are there any more instructions out there surrounding how to trigger obtaining information (ie. osID) from a user after the notification is clicked? does anyone have a few clean screenshots of implementation within bubble?


Great work with this plugin. I have mobile app with bubble backend. Is there any chance to set TAG on player ID from bubble plugin?

@sam8, @anders.eidergard, @chad,
Is there any update on sending web notifications to mobile iOS safari users? I can see the notifications on my desktop safari (MacBook) but not on my iPhone.
Thanks a lot.

None that I’ve seen.
Apple has said previously that it will come but I’ve not seen a timeline.

Can we get an answer to this @sam8 ? Thanks!


I am using macbook, Chrome.

I can get the initial notification prompt asking if I will allow notifications. So far so good.

I can set up a ‘send notification to an individual’ workflow… put ‘Current User’ in the ‘user’ field… fill out the rest… and trigger it. I get nothing in my webapp.

BUT I can see in the Onesignal dashboard that everything is sending. I’ve sent dozens of messages, all deemed by onesignal to have been ‘delivered’. Yet, I can’t see anything in my app.



Hi @sam8

There are several questions above, from several people (including me) since your last comment (in January).

Would really appreciate an answer to some of the above q’s. Will you be answering any more questions about this plugin?


Hi @scriptschool - if you create a support ticket or send me your editor link, I can take a look at what’s happening! In the meantime, I would try opening Safari and running through your workflow there. If you’re still encountering an issue, it could be an issue with the plugin - otherwise, it could be an issue with browser cache/cookie settings. Sorry you’re encountering issues with this, and hopefully we can get it resolved soon :slight_smile:

Hey @sam8, this is great, bur definitively opt-in functionality is a must in case an old user of an app would like to start getting notifications after certain time!


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Hi @sam8!

+1 for the opt-in feature - it’s something really important. It makes it difficult to allow our users to opt-out, as it requires them to clear their history/cache to resub again.

Also the ability to check if a user is subscribed would be helpful too! :slight_smile:


Annotation 2020-08-06 145714

I have setup Onesignal, how do i trigger the slider for users?

Hi @cyriltdixon ,

Unfortunately, I’ve heard no response for this - the slider I set up in the picture above doesn’t work and was only set up as a placeholder. We’ve managed to get a button in to unsubscribe/resubscribe users as you can see below - this is linked to our OneSignal account and works quite nicely but we can’t seem to get it in slider format.

^ Do you know how to add this button in? If not, happy to paste the code below (got it from the OneSignal Documentation)

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