Plugin Announcement: Rich Text Editor

Filing most of those as feature requests, though #5 might be a bug - feel free to file a bug report there!

@chris.yap - could you please file a bug report with that?


Really sorry to be so stupid but how i can activate this plugin?

I just install it and i see no instructions to start to you use it. Thanks!

I had the same issue. Support answered that it’s by design.

The short explanation is that plugin builders can define ‘States’ on their plugin elements (in your case, the Rich Text Editor element has a state called ‘Field is Focused’). We provide plugin builders with the ability to write some code that determines how the states should start out: it’s up to how the plugin builder to user them or not, but as a starting point, we evaluate a bunch of Bubble-known properties to this piece of code, most notably the current style properties, then pass them along to this piece of code.
Because the plugin ‘could’ use the the border property as a parameter to influence the initial value of its ‘Field is Focused’ state, we prevent the style evaluation from looping again:
Steps (simplified)
– Initialize RTE
– Evaluate style properties for RTE (including border)
– Evaluate condition for border style
– Evaluate state ‘Field is Focused’
– Initialize state ‘Field is Focused’
– Evaluate current style properties (including border) to pass them to Field is Focused initialization code
– … infinite loop

So, we need a workaround here.

Support gave the advice to work around this by making a different element in charge of the border styling, possibly like a frame instead of directly using the RTE element.

I’ve implemented another workaround using a custom state for RTE (Rich Text Editor) and two workflows.


Wow I quite surprised there are many bugs with this plugin.

I noticed the rich text editor does not produce HTML tags

Live : [Improvement] Responsive /index section hôtel et divers corrections (30-10-2020) - HackerHouse

@allenyang is it an expected behaviour ?

Before I fill a bug report :sweat_smile:

That’s how it works right now; if you mean <h1/2/3> tags, that’s a feature request in our backlog


Not sure if this is a “bug” or expected behaviour. I’m using Rich Text plugin to create instructions and want to include links sometimes. But on the user side, using a normal text field, it shows up like this, instead of showing the link underlined.

Normal ? Missing something ? or should I report this ?

That does seem a bit odd - could you submit a bug report for that?

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done :). and found you another one for good measure :wink:

Any answer to this question ? and why links appear on the page like this [url=[]placeholder[/url] ? Thanks

@stefanof, that appears to be BBCode, which is the type of mark-up language that Bubble uses to store RTE contents. When the contents are rendered on the page, however, it should be converted to HTML. If you’re seeing BBCode when the page is rendered, that’s likely a bug.

As for my original question, I was informed by Bubble support that it was the intended behavior.

Add custom Fonts please :pray::pray::pray:

Hi @allenyang, I was following the topic and now it seems that the plugin has been renamed “Henry RTE Test”. Can you please confirm ? And most of all, what does this mean ? Should we stop using until a stable version will be released ? I am working on the blog section of one of my sites and I really need to let users write their own content and the save it to DB in html (for SEO purposes). Thank you.

Oops, that appears to be a mistake on our part. Our team is working on fixing it now :slight_smile:

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Ah ah … no problem ! Can I ask you if (and maybe when) is in the road map the html feature ?

Do you mean…

Saving the contents of the RTE as HTML? -> We’ve discussed this one a bit and the tricky thing here is that giving more free rein to HTML could open the door to security problems (coming from the potential for arbitrary HTML). Because of that, this would be a bigger project than it seems. (This is why we use BBCode in the first place)

Having the RTE’s H1, H2, … generate the appropriate HTML tags? This one is a smaller project. Not one that’s trivial to build, but something which might be a small improvement we try to squeeze in at some point.


Sorry if this is answered elsewhere – using the “Medium” complexity mode, there is a font selector with a default value. If the selector is never used, is the default font applied still? Or can the text be styled using a standard text element style?

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Never mind, I just tried it. So the answer seems to be that if font is not changed from the default Sans Serif, any font style applied to the output text is used. If the font is changed, then the font saved in the RTE overrides font style applied to the output text element.

Nice! Exactly what I would want.

Hi, thanks for this great plugin !!

But since version 1.5.4 image resizing (and dot list) doesn’t work correctly if “fit to content” is checked. (in a repeating group) ;-(

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Generating HTML tags for headings is interesting to me as well.

It’s probably not as important as we all believe, but most of us likely worry about how the site is seen by Google and other search engines and so we want to make sure that our users are able to generate content in-line with SEO best practices.

You should submit a bug report.
I’ve noticed similar issues with image resizing as well, but haven’t investigated as to the cause.