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Plugin Announcement: Rich Text Editor

Where I can find Bubble text element? I want to fox the font in rich text editor basic setting.

do a :find & replace or [url= for [color=#3E8ECF][url=
and a :find & replace of [/url] for [/url][/color]

can you please elaborate on using CSS as I don’t know coding.

Hi Allen - will this be resolved any time soon? Thank you

We’re tackling a few of the known RTE bugs currently, but in parallel with other urgent bugs as well. Thanks for your patience here.

What BBCode flavor does this element use?

I’m having a hard time using the code syntax. Very unpredictable what it will do. Most of the times it hoses :boom: everything.

I tried fixing it directly on the database, but then it’s unclear what BBCode is accepted.

I got something working, but then when I used the RTE again it blew everything up.

I created a page where I’ve been troubleshooting:

The one upside for all this troubleshooting, is that I figured that I can adjust the size of an image by manipulating the BBCode directly.

[img width=50%]....[/img]