Plugin Announcement: Rich Text Editor

Yes, I am also using autosave

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Hi all,

As a friendly reminder, it’s generally faster to get help from the team by either filing a bug report or emailing - our Success team is very on top of both those channels, but the rest of the team may not be constantly monitoring threads, especially ones that started a while ago like this one.

@allenyang thanks - the support team is fantastic, i had great help from them.

But I wanna make sure it’s a bug before i bother them. I found that many times i thought it was a bug, it’s a dependency issue. I suspect it’s the same thing for many other users - so Bubble would really save on a lot of support tickets if it could solve the dependency issue.

I’ve read the section on Order of operation many times, but sometimes Bubble behavior is still puzzling to me. See this example.

Ok so Bubble helps speed up by parallel execution, but ends up causing issues and i still got to introduce these “pauses” which slows down the app - kind of defeats the purpose! Hope Bubble can come up with a solution for this.

@hacker sorry i meant auto-binding, not auto-save.

Something is just weird with the RTE plugin around auto-binding, not exactly sure what it is. I disabled this, and implemented my own auto-save workflow (it’s also way faster). So far it’s not causing issues…fingers crossed.

When will the ability to change the default font size & color be added?

This is great. When will this be available for the rich text editor within the actual bubble editor that we all use? That thing is so frustrating

We need a better Rich Text Editor :grinning: :computer:


Hey, @jayy,

Do you filed a report?

Thanks in advnace :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

No I didn’t, as I’m not totally sure if there’s something wrong or if it’s just me :sweat_smile:

Also i realized that auto-binding in general is slow (you’ll notice the progress bar in the browser while it’s saving). Using a workflow that updates the Thing when the value of the RTE changes is way faster (no progress bar - it’s virtually unnoticeable for the end user).

Hello, @devin.fraze
Could you show how this is done?
I’m trying, but it changes the color of all the text, not just the text that contains the link.

Figure out the CSS class or ID of the text using “inspect”, then write the custom CSS like I showed above to change the color.

There is definitely something wrong with the RTE, I can’t isolate the error.

The current Rich Text Editor is very bad hope Bubble does something


Great plugin!
But is there a way to define each element of the Rich Text Editor separatly? I need the “Basic” view, but need to add bulletpoints as well.


It’s a great plugin, but it has a bit of unstable behavior.

I found two. Could you please fix them?

If I center an image, save the data, and then pull the same data again and output it to the multiline input, the centering is removed.

When I embed a YouTube video in a text, save the data, and then pull out the same data to output, all the text behind the embedded video disappears.


Hi all -

When a user uploads a large file, it shows on the page very large & outside of the responsive / group constraints I’ve put on the editor. Any ideas on how to resize images down, or to limit the file size, etc.?

I am having this weird issue with the plugin where any STRONG text turns green in color. Anyone know how to fix this issue? :sneezing_face:

Anyone else having MAJOR concerns about the new Bubble pricing plan (see the threads from March 16, 2022…) that will essentially kill any app using “make a new thing” from any sort of Rich Text Editor? Is there a better way to do things?

My app that lets users add notes for clients on their accounts (like, someone called) already has 74k records and is used by a team of about 3-4 daily working M-F answering calls. It was launched in July 2021.

At this rate, they’d need a production server just to keep up with a simple call logger app. I looked at the options on Rich Text Editor (legacy and new) and there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way to avoid any text edit making a row… unless you don’t need history on the account.

I agree with this 100%. @allenyang do you plan on adding this feature in the near future? Thank you!

If you want a work around, you can set the Text Editor to show more options than you need and then put some CSS into the page HTML Header to hide specific buttons you don’t want.

I am using the following to hide some buttons:

You can use the browser’s Console to ‘inspect’ on page elements to find the names of buttons you want to hide. A little tedious but worth it


That’s what I did, and I’m using a Condition on the Rich Text Editor (RTE) based on the user’s subscription type to set the ID of the RTE, and using CSS to show/hide the image/video elements in the RTE. I add adding a banner asking users to upgrade their account if they want the ability to use images/video.

I honestly wish Bubble’s RTE let you limit image size or at least compressed/resized images on upload. I don’t really want to charge for image upload, but Bubble’s storage pricing is insanely high vs. competitors. In the RTE, you’re able to upload massive images, and those take up a lot of storage within Bubble, but there isn’t a way to constrain image uploads within the RTE. I really wish they would add this.