Plugin Announcement: Rich Text Editor

What’s the purpose of the Link input placeholder setting?

I was expecting it to appear here…

…but the link text appears there instead.

Great! Thank you so much

@sam8 Did you guys ever encounter this problem as well?

Only an issue when I input images through the rich text editor.

If anyone’s looking for more customizability and advanced functionality - check out this plugin. I think I’m going to switch to this going forward.

Just wondering if there are any plans soon to implement this new rich text editor into the Bubble editor (natively)? Or is this something for keeping with the new editor re-design :smiley: cheers

I found another bug : when we mark a text as H1, H2, H3 or H4, then focus out, the auto-binding add a paragraph before saving


Hello @sam8,
Thank you for you amazin work (i see all the update you did in a short time :slight_smile: )

Another bug for you to help :


You can test there : Your Bubble app

How to reproduce :
1/ Edit Element text 1
2/ Go to element 2
3/ ComeBack to element 1
The text of element 1 was replaced by the text of Element 2 without touching it :sleepy:

Have a good work !

@dufour.chri @b.demontecler I’m happy to tell you that we have just pushed a fix for this issue, which you can obtain by upgrading to the latest version of the plugin in your editor.


Hello! Would you mind filing a bug report with this one?

Hi @sam8

Thanks for the reply but I need HTML output for Google Structured Data SEO.

If people can’t drive traffic to their sites, this editor brings almost no value no matter how good the BB code works with Bubble’s text element.

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The extend to fit bug has been fixed now which is great.

Is there any way to hide the scrollbar on the extent to fit? I don’t recall it being there before but now when the box extends it creates a scrollbar which actually does nothing as the text area extends to fit.

Thank you!

Hi @sam8! We’re LOVING the new rich text editor. In the example below, I’m using it to display data in a repeating group.

On the page load, it always looks great. But after we add data to the repeating group (in this case, “logging a new call note”), the data looks like this:

As opposed to what it should look like, which is this…

Any thoughts on how I can fix this? I’m able to repeat it over and over so it seems like something that’s fixable. Thanks for your help!

[Note: this is of course a fake member with fake data. :slight_smile: ]

Hi mate, how are you?

How can I use this rich text plugin to show these options in the “black box” instead of in the gray standard box? I need to show the rich text options when selexting the text in the text input.

Thanks a lot

+1 on this, sometimes it’s a question of the layout (I want all needed options in one line)

This is the desired element, better than the previous one. Thank you!

Some bugs that I’ve met:

  1. Reset A Rich Text Input action always clears the input totally. Expected result: Reset to Initial content if any.
  2. Set Focus To A Rich Text Input action sets this focus, however, the element condition rule with “is focused” doesn’t work immediately. Only after the manual focusing.
  3. Some fonts don’t work out of the box correctly, e.g. Abril Fatface (Chrome, Windows). After the text is saved in the DB it isn’t visualized correctly (with selected font) in other text elements and in reopened Rich Text Input element.

Hi all,

Just a friendly note to jump in here - at this point, please file bug reports with any potential bugs. This will help us, for example, see your app where the bug is happening so that we understand the context and the settings you have on the editor.


Hi @sam8

Can you please looked into adding HTML and Plain Text Output?

Because these are essential.

HTML for Google Search Structured Data.

Plain Text for Algolia Search Indexing (Algolia only has an indexing size of 10 ~ 20kb per record) BBCode is taking up a lot space.


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The latest release breaks auto binding, when I make changes, it saves and appears. But when I load the page again it deleted all the text I wrote and blanks it out.

I reverted too 2 version ago and it works nicely.

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This sounds like a bug - could you please file a bug report so we can look into it? (I do see an open bug around the ‘initial content’ for the RTE, which may or may not be what you’re describing)