Plugin Announcement: Rich Text Editor

Hi. Thanks for the plugin. It is shaping up to be great.
I’m getting a behavour from it that might be considered a bug as it detracts from user experience.
When the pluggin is loaded with initial content from the DB, the page autofocuses on it, scrolling the user to it during page load.
If the pluggin is located below the fold, for example, it will auto scroll the page down all the way to it on page load, even when there are other input fields above it.
Check video in this link for the behaviour example:

Let me know if this can be fixed.
Thank you.

I’m not repro’ing that same behavior; could you please file a bug report?

Done. Bug report created.

Did anyone else have this issue or am I the only one ?

Are there any plans on the roadmap to allow us to customize which features on enabled/disabled on the text editor? For instance, I want to support uploading images but I don’t want users to change fonts. I believe this is a frequently requested feature

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Hello @sam8 @allenyang and thanks for this amazing plugin :smiley:
A couple questions:

  • I’m unable to render the plugin in a repeating group that’s inside a nested reusable element; this happens also with other RTE i tried, not only this one. Maybe exist a workaround I’m missing I hope :slight_smile:

  • being able to make images private

  • To prevent orphans (which now are inevitable…) and to better manage images, can you consider to let images be attached to a thing?

Thanks for the effort guys, so much appreciated!


Here’s a screenshot of “Extend to Fit” not working. If it helps, it’s inside a group.

It gets super slow and laggy with a lot of content in there. I pasted maybe 4 pages from a Google Doc (nothing but H1s and normal text) in and it was impossible to edit. Paused for ~5 seconds every ~5 seconds.

Hi all,

At this point, please file bug reports for anything that feels like a potential bug! The repro steps and information about your app are helpful for us and more descriptive than a brief forum post :slight_smile:

Our team does respond to every bug report and you’ll probably get a quicker diagnosis about whether it’s an actual bug (which then gets queued up for us to fix) vs something about the setup of your app which there might be a workaround for.



Thanks for the update - we’ll file bugs that way.

I do have a feature request though - any plans to let us configure the toolbar individually as opposed to only having simple, medium, full? That would really help us keep our UX simple to what we need. For example, I want to support uploading images, but I don’t want users changing fonts. This would be super helpful! I’m sure I’m not the only one


Hi @sam8

Is there a way to save the output as HTML?

Because I need it for Google Structured Data.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


The extend to fit isn’t working for me when the tooltip option is selected.

Could you please file a bug request so we can look into this?

I submitted a bug, but no response :frowning:

did you find a solution for this issue ?

No, i’m waiting since the bug is reported.

Hi @hwgz01. Unfortunately, there’s not - for this plugin to work best with the rest of our Bubble text elements, we decided to make the output bbcode.

@dufour.chri @b.demontecler I’ll take a look at this in the next week and work out a solution. Thanks for your reports & patience :slight_smile:

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There’s not for the time being, but I’ll keep this in mind if we do revisit new features for this plugin in the future :slight_smile:

For outputting to HTML, use @gaurav’s

Been working great for me for over a year now.