Stripe Customer Portal FREE - plugin launched

This plugin for Bubble streamlines the integration of Stripe’s customer portal functionality into web applications, offering essential subscription management features without requiring extensive coding. With intuitive elements and workflows, developers can effortlessly incorporate subscription management, billing history access, and payment method updates directly within their applications.

Users benefit from seamless subscription management, enabling customers to easily switch between subscription plans, cancel or reactivate subscriptions, and view their current subscription status. The plugin also provides access to billing history, allowing customers to review past invoices and payment details conveniently.

Moreover, customers can update their payment methods securely within the customer portal, ensuring uninterrupted service and maintaining control over their payment information. With customization options available, developers can tailor the appearance and behavior of the customer portal to align with their brand identity, enhancing the overall user experience.

[Stripe Customer Portal FREE Plugin | Bubble](Stripe Customer Portal FREE Plugin | Bubble


Add a button > create workflow> plugin actions - create a new portal session


First of all set the keys right (Bearer#space#key)


Set customer id (cus_id) if you haven’t got one you need to create a subscription first of that customer.
Set return url which the users can use navigate back to your app (


In this type any we need to open an external website and the destination should be result of step 1 URL