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[PLUGIN] Communicator by SuperStack

Proud to share a small but helpful plugin to send data and trigger events from reusable elements and repeating group cells to the “outside world”!

:sparkles: Features

:white_check_mark: Send anything from inside a reusable element or a RG cell.

:white_check_mark: Use conditionals such as “when hovered” to trigger the sending of data / triggering an event on the main page!

:white_check_mark: The reusable element can be within a repeating group.

There are two elements, both are non-visible in run mode.

  • The “Sender” sits inside the reusable element / RG cell and provides a new workflow option “Publish value” which lets you send a value / thing outside to the “Receiver” element. The Sender can also run in “conditional mode” which lets you trigger the sending of data when a condition is true such as a RG cell being hovered (see demo for setup).

  • The “Receiver” sits outside of the reusable element. This provides a state called “received thing” to access what was sent from the reusable element. It also provides a “When Updated” event to allow you to trigger other workflows.

:warning: Note, the “Receiver” element cannot be placed inside a repeating group.

Any questions do drop a note here!

:gear: Demo

:sparkles: Plugin page

:books: Manual

All the best.


Hey, that’s a cool idea. Good one.

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Cheers Keith :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great idea, its a pain to do this natively.

Can the reusable you are sending from, be inside a RG?

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Thanks @andy.i. Yep, the reusable can be inside an RG. I often use it for context menus within RG cells.



You can now fire events / send data based on a condition occurring! E.g. when a repeating group cell is hovered. Check out the demo here!



This is cool!


Hi can this item read data from inside a nested RG - so mean can I see a state from inside my 2nd RG, out of the box I can’t do that?


Hey Dom,

Yes that should work. E.g. the “sender” is placed within a nested RG, and the “receiver” is placed outside all RGs. Could you share some screenshots if this is not working please.


Hey @robhblake thanks for making this - takes using reusable elements to a new level.

I’m getting this error message suddenly - TypeError: cannot set property ‘a’ of undefined. It also seems to be lagging, I started changing the ID in case it was an issue with the id I used (I only tried a1, A and a on both sides) but the error message shows me the id I used a few tries ago in case that adds any context. Any help would be appreciated!

Hey Jasmin

Thanks for trying it out, glad you’re finding it helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems odd. Could you try deleting the element and putting a new one on the page? If that doesn’t work would you mind DMing me some screenshots of your setup showing both elements and I’ll take a look.


Thanks for responding Rob, just sent you a DM with screenshots and notes!

Hi Jasmin @dtry101

Thanks for your message. The issue is that you have the receiver inside the popup. The receiver actually needs to be on the page . This is since Bubble does not included the items in the popup in the DOM until the popup is shown, hence you get the error that the ID is not defined.

If you cut the receiver and paste it somewhere on your page that should work :slight_smile:


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WOOOOOO that worked thank you @robhblake :pray:t5:

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Dear @robhblake and the SuperStack team,

I keep on getting this error… I don’t know why?

The plugin Communicator | SuperStack / action Publish value a Super Communicator Sender threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot set property ‘a’ of undefined
at eval (PLUGIN_Communicator—SuperStack-element_action–Super-Communicator-Sender-Publish-value-.js:3:87)
at (please report this to the plugin author)

Any idea?

Hi @peter11

Can you confirm where the “receiver” is placed? It should be placed on the page (as opposed to inside a popup or a hidden element)

If that doesn’t fix it can you please send some screenshots of your setup (private message)


Yes, It’s placed on the page as well as on a reusable element.

Here is a screenshot of the error