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[PLUGIN] Communicator by SuperStack

Proud to share a small but helpful plugin to send data and trigger events from reusable elements and repeating group cells to the “outside world”!

:sparkles: Features

:white_check_mark: Send anything from inside a reusable element or a RG cell.

:white_check_mark: Use conditionals such as “when hovered” to trigger the sending of data / triggering an event on the main page!

:white_check_mark: The reusable element can be within a repeating group.

There are two elements, both are non-visible in run mode.

  • The “Sender” sits inside the reusable element / RG cell and provides a new workflow option “Publish value” which lets you send a value / thing outside to the “Receiver” element. The Sender can also run in “conditional mode” which lets you trigger the sending of data when a condition is true such as a RG cell being hovered (see demo for setup).

  • The “Receiver” sits outside of the reusable element. This provides a state called “received thing” to access what was sent from the reusable element. It also provides a “When Updated” event to allow you to trigger other workflows.

:warning: Note, the “Receiver” element cannot be placed inside a repeating group.

Any questions do drop a note here!

:gear: Demo

:sparkles: Plugin page

:books: Manual

All the best.


Hey, that’s a cool idea. Good one.

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Cheers Keith :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great idea, its a pain to do this natively.

Can the reusable you are sending from, be inside a RG?

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Thanks @andy.i. Yep, the reusable can be inside an RG. I often use it for context menus within RG cells.



You can now fire events / send data based on a condition occurring! E.g. when a repeating group cell is hovered. Check out the demo here!



This is cool!


Hi can this item read data from inside a nested RG - so mean can I see a state from inside my 2nd RG, out of the box I can’t do that?


Hey Dom,

Yes that should work. E.g. the “sender” is placed within a nested RG, and the “receiver” is placed outside all RGs. Could you share some screenshots if this is not working please.