📬 [Plugin] Email a Bubble Page

Hi all,
Now you can create beautiful emails the same way you create bubble pages. Supports dynamic data out of the box.

It took 5 minutes create the email above only using bubble editor (no HTML or JSON required).

Plugin page: Email a Bubble Page Plugin | Bubble

Live demo: Bubble | No-code apps
Editor: Email-example | Bubble Editor
Try it on your own page: Email a Bubble Page Plugin | Bubble


Now you can try it on your own page: https://email-example.bubbleapps.io/version-test/send_own?debug_mode=true

Just copy the URL of a page in your app that you want to turn into an email and enter your email address :partying_face:

The plugin is approved now! You can get it at: Email a Bubble Page Plugin | Bubble

There are two actions included:
Email Bubble Page
Use this to quickly start with this plugin.

  1. Create a new page in your app and style it as you wish.
  2. When you want to send an email to the user add “Email Bubble Page” in a workflow.
  3. Fill Website home URL and page field with the name of the page you want to send
    There are no API keys or additional setup required!
    A fair usage policy applies: If you’re sending over 1000 emails a month read below.

Get HTML from Page
If you’re sending a large number of emails or need to use a custom domain, please use a separate email sending service. E.g. SendGrid, Postmark…
Download a separate plugin for your sending service and use it together with “Get HTML from Page” action. Firstly add “Get HTML from Page” action to your workflow and then use send email action from your sending service and set the body of the email to be the html returned from the first action. Done!

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Can I subscribe to this?

Hi John,
Yes, there is a subscription option. You can only subscribe if your bubble app is on a paid plan (this is a bubble limitation, sorry).

Thank you. Can I try this somehow if I’m on the free plan?

It is usually not possible to try before you buy on a free plan. Here is an example app (the same one I posted before that works on your own page, so you can basically try before you buy. I also reduced the price temporarily so more people are able to get it before it gets a couple of reviews. Please leave an honest review on the plugin page and write any feature requests here.
P.S. I DM-ed you about your request.

@aniv cheers, works great :grin:

@aniv Is it possible to speed up the email sending? It can take a couple of minutes to send an email after the action is completed.

Hey John. You can! Use your own email sending provided. E.g. I think Postmark has a good reputation for quick delivery. You would need to register and install the plugin for your provider. The plugin should have a send email action (that supports HTML) where you can pass the result of the “Get HTML form Page” action as the email body.