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[PLUGIN] - Gmail API | Read, Receive and Send Emails

Hey @Makks it is working. Have you tried the demo?
Also I did not understand the question

Is there alternatives to send (gmail but not only) emails?

I stopped when google alerted me.
I’m looking for something that works not only with gmail but other email providers

This is a Gmail integration. It allows you to send emails to anyone, but you will only be able to log with Google account (same as how Gmail works)

Hello, just downloaded the plugin and copied the demo page with workflows to my page. The plugin is not working and when I open the Chrome dev tools is see these messages:

Element Email - Gmail A - Gmail error: the parameter client_id is empty and is mandatory
Element Group Icons - data_source The service Gmail - Get Email by ID just returned an error (HTTP 401). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error:

Also, those messages are displayed after successfully going through the google popup of choosing Gmail account and authorizing access, and page being refreshed.
I added the client id created and secret in the plugin settings page and also added it to the (-dev) inputs as a test, with no luck.

I will say this, I tested it on your plugin page once and it did work, then after purchasing it and not being able to install on my page, I went back to your demo page, and it did not work there as well. Also in a previous forum reply in this thread, you mention documentation, however that link you provided is broken.

Let me know next steps, thanks.

One thing that I was not sure on that I maybe did wrong is in the instructions you mention

β€œIn the Bubble plugin page, place your Client ID & Client Secret (remember to check the checkbox of generic redirect URL).”

What checkbox is that? Dont see it anywhere

In the google dev tools I supplied the page URI and it worked, after making sure I didnt load page in debug mode.

Hello @razvan thanks for reaching out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Are you able to share the editor to your app?
I can take a look and either fix it or get back at you.