Plugin icon not showing on My Plugins page

The plugins listed on the My Plugins page have the Bubble default icon. I was expecting the image to update once I added the icon to my plugin’s General setting, but it didn’t. Just curious if I’m missing a step or if my expectations are wrong.

The setting for the presentation on that page (and in the plug-in browser) is here:

This isn’t to say that there couldn’t be weirdness in the plug-in builder.

Thanks, Keith. Yeah, that’s exactly where I changed it. The correct icon shows up there. I guess it’s just weirdness. My main concern is whether it will affect the appearance in the marketplace once published.

I’ve had weirdness in the icon settings within specific elements, but am not sure how to reproduce. There may be a bug here, might be worth (1) making a copy of your plug and continue from the copy and (2) file bug report pointing to the original one exhibiting strange icon behavior?

I may be wrong, but I believe the issue here is just the preview picture not updating ‘quick enough’. This also happens with Bubble apps & template screenshots, so I don’t believe it’s anything to worry about.

Thanks, @retronwebservices. Not sure what the usual timeframe is, but it’s been a couple days. Everything else about the plugin seems to be working fine. :confused:

I would suggest checking the file type of the icon too. Maybe see if that makes a difference. Hope you figure it out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, @J805. It’s just a 24-bit PNG and shows up in the plugin editor just fine, so who knows. I’ll post here if I learn anything more.

UPDATE: This was confirmed by Bubble support. They have relayed the issue to their engineers, but there is no ETA on a resolution.