Plugin Editor is behaving abnormally

I created a new plugin which was working fine. Made some changes and the changes were not reflecting within the application. I deleted the plugin and recreated it. Now, the plugin is not even showing up in the marketplace. Even changing the name of the plugin doesn’t reflect in “My Plugins”.

Did you submit the plugin to be published? Can you file a bug report if you’re confused?

The plugin was published. I tried with 2 different accounts and 2 different browsers as well. Changing the name or icon of the plugin in plugin editor is not even reflecting in the “My Plugins” page. No matter how many times I publish a new version, it shows version as v0.0.1 only. Everything was working fine with my plugin until today.

You can see this behavior in the screenshots below.

We are using Bubble for the rapid prototyping of a global product launching in September and an urgent fix is crucial.

Can you file a bug report ?

Bug Reports are only available for applications. This is a plugin.

Well please send a detailed report to [email protected]. Without detail we can’t look into this, screenshots aren’t enough unfortunately.

I have created a bug report using one of the applications I am using the plugin in

Other users are having the exact same problem since yesterday. See this bug: New Plugin Cannot be Found