[PLUGIN] List Variables by SuperStack

This plugin addresses a limitation of custom states when used in repeating groups:

Problem: Custom states are associated with the current cell’s index rather than the current cell’s thing . When the sort order is changed or when things are added/removed, the link between the custom state and the thing is lost.

Solution: The List Variables plugin associates your custom data with the specific thing in that cell, and will remain attached to that thing until the page is refreshed.

:sparkles: Demo

:gear: Editor

:books: Further info / guide

:shopping_cart: Plugin page

Any questions do let me know, and please post any support queries in this thread.

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Hi Rob,

I have some problems with the workflow “Add/modify…”.

  1. It won’t let me choose “current cell’s thing” in the “Item to attach to” input.


  1. Moreover, under the input “value 1” it only displays the controller element for selection. The value element that is located in my repeating group’s cell is not listed for selection. Therefore, I cannot do sth like you did in the demo (i.e. current value of variable 1 + 1).

I purchased your plugin fully, so timely support would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,