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💳 [Plugin] Revolut Merchant Checkout - by EzCode

revolut_merchant Revolut Merchant Checkout

As a Revolut Business customer, you can use your Revolut Merchant account and the Merchant API to accept online payments straight into your Merchant account. In addition, you can manage orders and customers.

This plugin combines Revolut Checkout widget and Revolut Merchant API calls.

Demo checkout:

How to get SANDBOX API Token

Go to sandbox page:
Revolut Business Sandbox

How to Switch from Sandbox to Production

Each API is doubled with capitalised name SANDBOX or PRODUCTION.
Use the sandbox while testing and replace it with the production one when you are ready to deploy.

In addition to that, the plugin element have a field “API mode”, change that to production as well when you are ready.
Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 19.45.49

How to set a webhook URL
  1. Set your backend API workflow in the initialize mode, for example:

Don’t close the page and leave the initialize mode opened.

  1. Call the action Set webhook with that url
  2. Do a demo transaction and you will see that initialize mode will be done, and there will appear new available fields.
  3. Remove the /initialize text from end fo url path, like this:
  4. Call Set webhook again with this url


Demo Editor:



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