💰 Stripe Connect - Marketplace Payments Plugin (includes detailed tutorial!)

This plugin makes it easy to process marketplace payments (like Airnbnb, Etsy, Uber etc.) in your bubble app using Stripe Connect.

I’ve created a detailed video tutorial on how to use the plugin

There’s also a comprehensive demo page (with the editor public) that includes a mini-Etsy app to show how you might implement the plugin in your own app

Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 19.06.26

Features you can implement with the plugin:

  • Allow users (merchants) to take payments for goods/services sold on your platform and take a % of the payment (like Airbnb, Etsy, Uber etc.)
  • Let merchants set up their own Stripe Connect Express account
  • Give merchants access to their own Stripe Express Dashboard
  • Allow merchants to set their own payout schedule (daily, weekly, monthly)

The plugin allows you to use the following workflows actions:

  • Create Express Account
  • Create Onboarding Link
  • Create Express Dashboard Link
  • Create Checkout Session

And the following data calls:

  • Retrieve Account Details
  • Retrieve Connected Account Balance
  • Get Payment Details

Any questions just let me know :slight_smile:


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Thanks a lot :+1:

I was stuck on this topic since few days…

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No problem!

If you have any questions on how the plugin works just let me know.

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Thanks @alexcooney5 :+1:

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Just a note to say I’ve updated the plugin to allow for marketplace subscription payments (like Substack).

Detailed video tutorial on how to do so is here:

Just added the ability to refund payments (can be done by either the merchant or a platform admin).

Instructions on how to do this available on the demo app :slight_smile:

August-2023 Updates

  • Refunds can now be processed with the plugin
  • Payment details can be authorized at one point in time, with the payment captured at a later stage (for up to 7 days). This can be used for service-based marketplaces like Upwork/Fiverr where the service needs to be completed before the payment is captured.

I demonstrate how to add both of these features in the below tutorial. The section dealing with refunds is at 43:25 and the payment authorization/capture is at 49:44 :slight_smile:

New tutorial on how to put payments on hold (separate authorization and capture) just released!

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This is a phenomenal plugin, thank you!

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Thanks @mac2, really appreciate that :slightly_smiling_face:

New tutorial just released on how to create Express accounts with Stripe Connect.

October-23 Update

Released a tutorial on how to implement a delayed payment flow (like Upwork/Fiverr) with the plugin:

A common question on the Bubble forum is how to implement “escrow” style payments with Stripe. Stripe does not support escrow payments. However, the “Separate Charge & Transfer” method detailed in the tutorial is an effective workaround - funds can be held on the platform account until you want to transfer them to the merchant/seller.

Other updates

  • Added an action that allows you to delete Connected accounts

Added the ability to delete Connected accounts via the API