[PLUGIN] Shopify API with Dynamic Keys

I haven’t integrated other calls besides the customer api so it’s a fairly simple start for the Plugin just to get it out there.

I’ll definitely continue adding more by the start of next week, should you buy this plugin when it’s out and need to add more calls feel free to send me an email at mido@nocodeventure.com and I’ll be happy to add them.

Demo: https://shopify-api.bubbleapps.io/

Editor: Shopify-api | Bubble Editor

Available API Calls

After having our access_token, we can use all of the other available action calls. For now we’ve implemented these calls:

  • Get Shop Details (Data & Action)

  • Create a Customer (basic, no address)

  • Create a Customer with address

  • GET Customer Details

  • GET Customers from country

  • Retrieve list of Orders

More calls coming soon!

Plugin page: Shopify Merchant Auth API Plugin | Bubble


Plugin is approved

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  • Added ability to retrieve list of Orders


  • Create new order with fulfillment status


  • cancel an order


Added two server-side actions

  • Fullfill orders
  • Fulfill specific items in an order
  • Error handling for both workflows
  • Updated docs
  • New section on Docs under construction: Shopify Glossary - No-Code Venture

Important update

You can ignore the back-end keys if you don’t wish to use Access Token (Private)


  • ability to search by Order Number added to retrieving Orders.
  • Retrieve list of refunds for Orders
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  • Product Image API (data & action)
  • Gift card API


  • Retrieve a list of products (DATA & ACTION)


  • Checkout API (single variant) BETA - Please test this and let us know if any issues arise. For this to work you’ll need to have authorization with the scope for write_checkouts

Happy to add a version for more variants as we can’t test this call from our side on a demo shop.



  • Get Single Variant Details (Data & Action)

Hi @nocodeventure , just want to confirm, does the API allow you to create a product in bubble and then push to your Shopify store? Or does it only work the other way?

The plugin is configured mainly to pull in details from shopify. We can add api calls upon request at no additional charge once you have purchased a license.

Do send me a PM on the api calls you need us to integrate into the plugin.

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Hi @nocodeventure , Just wanted to clarify with you why this API key:

Is different to the one used in your plugin setup:

It says in our documentation that:

  • Client ID is your API key
  • Client Secret is your API secret key

Thank you!

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Apologies for the confusion. The api key filled in is actually the Client ID. We’ve changed it to be similar as the Plugin tabs Client ID.

ps. The api key is now moved to an option set for more clarity.


Hi @nocodeventure , I’ve sent you a message about an additional API call that I need. Thank you!

Thanks Mihira,

Kindly message us directly for new requests. We’ll look into it but can’t guarantee a timeline as we’re a bit occupied atm. Thank you for using the plugin.

Best regards,

Hey @nocodeventure , I’m just trying to figure out whether I’ve setup this call correctly:

This is not currently returning anything so I just want to check that the blank fields can actually be left blank.

Yes they can be left blank, but for sorting purposes you might want to start from since_id = 0. Products are returned in ascending order by title in the Products API when since_id is not specified.

See article