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Developing Shopify plugin for Bubble

HI guys, I am currently developing a Shopify plugin for Bubble after connecting their store API today. I will release it publicly with video tutorial for setup in your apps once its done.

I’m just confused about the plugin editor. How can I setup the API key that user needs to provide in the API connector of the plugin editor?

I have added the necessary keys here but I don’t understand how to reference those keys in the URL of the API connector

Thanks in advance for any assistance here


Instead of {} you have to use [ ]. It says it in small print to the right. :blush: Then the magic will happen. :wink:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks J!

I tried adding in the [] for the parameters for some reason the header is showing as invalid

Wow thank you! Hope you will have some advanced features such as remote playing start,…

any update here? would love to see where this ended up

Yeah, I would like to see the latest update too. Your Shopify plugin for Bubble looks really promising. Even at the current state, it is pretty usable. Among all CMS, Shopify is definitely the best one. I even ordered Shopify app development service from Shopify Website Development | Shopify Custom Development to squeeze all the juices out of the platform. Still, Buble integration is a massive step up. By the way, can you share the plugin editor you’ve used? I could play around with it by myself, in case you gave up developing the plugin. Or, at least, the promised video tutorial.