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Developing Shopify plugin for Bubble

HI guys, I am currently developing a Shopify plugin for Bubble after connecting their store API today. I will release it publicly with video tutorial for setup in your apps once its done.

I’m just confused about the plugin editor. How can I setup the API key that user needs to provide in the API connector of the plugin editor?

I have added the necessary keys here but I don’t understand how to reference those keys in the URL of the API connector

Thanks in advance for any assistance here

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Instead of {} you have to use [ ]. It says it in small print to the right. :blush: Then the magic will happen. :wink:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks J!

I tried adding in the [] for the parameters for some reason the header is showing as invalid

Wow thank you! Hope you will have some advanced features such as remote playing start,…