[PLUGIN] Stripe API ToolBox with support for Connect Standard/Express

It does not include Stripe Terminal Payments. I will perhaps add it as a seperate Plugin in the future.

okay, please update if you do. Would be very interested in that!

Don’t hold me to it, if I start on the integration it won’t be within the next 6 months :sweat_smile:

This looks like an interesting Stripe plugin alternative to the main Stripe plugin by Bubble and the Stripe.js plugin by CoPilot.

Quick question: does this plugin support prorated billing for when a user switches between plan types (upgrade / downgrade) ?


Good question, I just added it to the Plugin.

Prorating is the default behavior, but you can disable it by setting proration_behavior to none using the workflow API: Create a Direct Subscription


New update, you can now specify the TOS agreement for Connected Accounts, works for Express and Custom. Continue the onboarding process by creating an Account Link.

  • Added TOS agreement option for recipient agreements with connected accounts. This allows cross-border payouts with destination subscriptions.
  • Full service agreements do not allow destination subscriptions if the platform and seller are from a different region, there is some wisdom behind this due to tax legislations overseas etc.


  • Automatic tax calculation boolean value for checkout session payments. Default to false.

Update, changes made on behalf of an existing integration. Feel free to shoot out if you guys need anything else added to this plugin.

  • tax behavior on checkout session payments
  • tax behavior on creating new prices
  • ability to create a connected account on the recipient agreement for cross-border transfers
  • charge api - create a new charge (replaces bubble’s default one and automatically continues with critical errors, allowing you to use this call on the back-end of your application on a scheduled basis)

New amazing update and the main reason behind this is that Bubble’s official plugin somehow generates a new customer on their popup checkout, which kinda messed up the flow on our app. Out of necessity created and possibly a major addon for most users using this plugin.

  • Added Element popup to generate card tokens with Stripe’s secured popup environment.
  • Updated demo to display how this works.
  • You’ll need to add the element to your page to use the workflow.
  • Events available to track when a token is created, which can be converted to a source
  • You’ll need to add your public key to the back-end of your Plugin.


  • Ability to use a coupon for SCA Checkout Session Payments and Subscriptions.


  • Checkout Session Payment More (2 prices) , ability to checkout with 2 seperate prices. Updated attached as we needed this for a live integration


  • checkout collection for addresses, particularly useful for collecting the user’s address within Stripe. This is a requirement for certain payment methods like afterpay.


  • Added support for abandoned cart promotions on checkout session payments.


Does this mean the plugin will enable a US based LLC/US bank account to make payments to marketplace sellers in other countries? We’re finding conflicting info in Stripe as to whether it’s possible and we’re totally confused as to how we enable it if it can be done :confused:

Recipient agreement allows for cross-border transfers. Your bank account needs to be verified and you can only transfer from your balance.

Once verified you can top-up your balance to cover transfers.


Updated and added new features for Session Payments.

  • Shipping tax behavior
  • Shipping address_collection
  • Tax behavior
  • Promotion codes
  • Recovery enable/disable
  • Consent collection for abandoned carts
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Does this apply to subscriptions where it will set the following value for invoices
apparently this needs to be set in order to automatically apply tax for the customers region.

Yes that is true, you can also modify these invoices before they are finalized. The automatic tax is enabled when creating a subscription.

@nocodeventure I’m assuming that the response should show enabled = true when I create a subscription and its not. Am I assuming wrong?

Update 3/11 :rocket::rocket::rocket:

  • Added support for Payment Element
  • Added support for wechat_pay on session payments

More details here: Stripe Payment Element | Stripe Documentation