Plugin stripe by Bubble

Hello everyone, I ask for your help because I’m stuck with the bubble stripe plugin.

I developed a marketplace that works very well. In test mode I can connect my seller accounts to my stripe account.

But in live mode, the process goes well, but I don’t have any new seller record.

I tried by creating a new stripe connect account and I have a response in test mode that I don’t have with my other account.

I’m being asked to finalize my connect stripe account setup: To finalize getting an access_token for your user’s account, you’ll need to make an additional API request with the authorization code provided.

But in the first account I was not asked and yet I managed to register seller accounts in test mode…

Could you give me a hint please? Has anyone ever faced this problem?

Thank you to all of you !

Clarification: I tried everything to make a manipulation with api conector but I did not succeed…