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Stripe Bubble Plugin - Register Seller Connect to Existing Stripe Account

I am trying to use the bubble stripe plugin to register a seller…so far it seems like it is working, however, if the user has an existing stripe account, I see no way of connecting to an existing account, it only seems to require the seller to create a new stripe account.

Is it possible with the bubble stripe plugin which seems to require the use of the standard stripe connect?

When I fill out the form but use my existing stripe account email and password I get this error message

and see no way of signaling to use that account instead of creating a new one.

Okay, so I have finally found this “Already Have an Account Login” at the top right in tiny little letters

Clicked it, signed in, but the entire form was still required to fill in! Why? Wouldn’t logging into an existing account fill the form with all information from that account and enable the Authorize this account button to be pressed?

I am trying to figure out the best way to make it so that users don’t drop off because of bad UX/UI from Stripe not making it easier to be signed up as a seller using an existing stripe account.

Has anybody had any luck doing this with the Bubble Plugin?