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[Plugin Update 11 Mar 2020] Google Maps (bdk)

@gaurav Any response for this? It seems that the zoom and pan checkbox is not linked to anything? Users can still pan and zoom regardless of the status set…

The map does not load

Can anyone else get this plugin to load? I purchased this plugin, then tried it in my app in both the old and new responsive engines and the map won’t load - with or without markers.

i need to.

it is ok my side, you need to add a Bubble map on the page and set “bubble library loaded” on yes

@gaurav do you think someday you can update to be compatible to new responsive engine ?

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+1 to the new responsive compatibility please @gaurav
Need to size it with % instead of px


+1 on responsive engine compatibility

Hi everybody,

just bought the plugin last week for a client of mine and I am having a small issue with the drop pin at center functionality. When the page (and the map) is loaded, the pin is there. But if user updates the map center via an input (a search box in my case) the pin does not move to the new center.

I think it should be updated right away, but just in case I added a workflow like : “when address is changed => set center googlemap(bdk)” to see if it worked. But nope, the pin will be visible in the correct position only if the map is reloaded.

Anybody knows how to solve this ? is is a bug ? Maybe @gaurav can help :slightly_smiling_face:


looking around the forum but can’t seem to find a solution; I’m trying to get the bdk map to resize it’s width (even if i uncheck the “fixed width” checkbox, it’s still acting like it’s checked).

I’m on the new responsive engine, idk if that’s related to the issue or not. any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hello. Does your Google Maps plugin allow you to create walking routes? Or does it only pave routes for cars?Hello. Does your Google Maps plugin allow you to create walking routes? Or does it only pave routes for cars?


Is there a possibility to make a radius around a location, as to pulsate in the very best way?


Hey @gaurav , I hope you’re well!

I’m experiencing a weird problem with one of my apps that I use the bdk map plugin with. No matter what I do, I can’t get the bdk maps object to appear on any pages. There’s nothing written in the javascript console, no Bubble errors either. Visible on page load is checked.

I’ve tried it alongside the ‘Google Maps Extended’ plugin and it shows fine. I’ve tried deleting the GMaps Extended plugin and that doesn’t help. I’ve tried showing the map through a workflow step, doesn’t help.

I’ve not had this problem with any of my other apps, so I suspect it’s a plugin conflict. The problem is this is a client’s app with a lot of plugins and I’m afraid to start deleting them to test for conflicts. Just in case, do you happen to know any plugin conflicts that could cause this kind of bug?

Thanks, Richard.