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[Plugin Update: 2021] TechBlocks Charts and Graphs (Chart.js)

@jeanbaptiste It’s the exact issue I’m facing. @alex4 would really appreciate if you could help with counts.

Hmm @smoka and @jeanbaptiste – it should work properly for counts as well but sounds like there might be something I’m missing in your implementations. If you email me a link to your editor, tell me which page/chart you’re working on so I can jump in to take a look (ideally you can add me as a collaborator so I can create a test page to edit)


one question mate. How can I exclude outliers on the charts? is there a setting or do I need to apply some function on the data? Is there any way to apply log aswell?

Thanks for reaching out! Do you know the range of what data points would not be outliers? If so, you can constrain your dynamic search to that range

Thanks @alex4 . I have been having pretty good success with the plugin so far. However, there are a few bugs that I keep running into. I believe I sent them your way already, just wanted to see if you had the chance to see those and if other people are experiencing issues specifically with the pie charts not reading properties?

Also, this only happened a few times (not consistently), but since I updated to the newest version, some of the pie charts I have in groups are expanding the size of the group infinitely after load. I can’t get a video, because it only happens 1/20 or so times. But it is certainly not a good look for our customers dashboards.

Thanks @openocean.tampa for reaching out!

I see your PM that you sent over so will respond there.


@alex4 I sent you a PM with all the necessary information

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Great, thanks @jeanbaptiste–will check it out!

Thanks for the great plugin!

I want to create a scatter chart with a fixed diagonal line separating the points falling under the line and those above the line, even better with shading on either part of it. Is there any way to do this? Or would that be considered a new feature in future release? Appreciate to hear your thought on it.


Hi @score.for.outcome thanks for reaching out!

I want to create a scatter chart with a fixed diagonal line separating the points falling under the line and those above the line

Yes, this is certainly possible. Check out the “Scatter Chart” article on the documentation page here: Chart.JS | Charts and Graphs for

Let me know if you have any follow up questions!


Hi Alex

Thanks for your quick response. Probably I need to have a trendline as the one in your demo page. I couldn’t find instruction for that. Could you show me how to add that trendline?


Good afternoon, the new responsiveness was removed in the last update and it messed up all my graphics, I want to know if I can go back to version 4.38.59 without this causing problems in the plugin? thanks

Hi Alex,

I would like to know if there’s some setting to disable the hover effect which displays the name and value of single data points. I’m using the bar chart.


Can anyone help me? I’m using this plugin.

How can I get this data plotted in a Line chart?

I have these data types:

  • Client
  • Transactions

How can I get the clients (new/old) that had transactions each month and put it in the graph?


  • NEW - Clients who are first time to make transactions that month


  • OLD - Clients with Creation Date earlier than that particulat month (or clients with previous transactions before that month)

What I want to appear on the chart: