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[Plugin Update] Free Daily.Co Plugin Coming Soon

Sounds like it’s probably the room page. What workflows do you have? Feel free to post a link to your editor here or share it in a PM.

Dear Lola,

Thank you for your email and advised. I had re-checked the room page, I found the problem, it is my mistake and overlooked to create the different room page name " video room" due to my existing app already have the another page name “room”, and I changed it in text roomlink, and I settled the problem already. Many thanks and it is working very smoothly now, it no problem to received video . Thank your for your advised and your plug in. It help me a lot and many thanks. :pray: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Best regards

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Oh no problem at all! Glad it ended up working out! Also by the way i’m no longer actively involved with Daily so for future questions [email protected] can be of assistance!

So happy to hear that it’s working out!

Hi @lola,
I am having a problem with the Daily plugin. I used BDK Native ( to turn my Bubble app into a native app and I use for the video. On the iOS app, it works great, but on the Android app, it’s impossible to use the camera and microphone because the user doesn’t get the permission popup. And the user can’t unlock the access because they are not on Chrome. (refer image below)
I saw that another user had the same problem on this thread (Allowing camera and mic for Android browser). Would you have a solution?

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@helloarvey thanks for reaching out! I responded on the other thread but posting here too in case anyone runs into this issue. Android devices require special permissions to work with webrtc. The BDK wrapper doesn’t have the capability at this time but wrapping with works

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@lola This plugin is incredible. Thank you for building it!

I had a question about max participants.

Below is an image from the Daily docs about the configuration necessary to set up interactive live streaming (up to 15k users in one call).

My question is does the Bubble Plugin support those properties? Or would I need to set up a custom API call through the Bubble API connector in order to configure a video for large calls up to 15k users?

Thanks and let me know if I can clarify anything!

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Thanks for reaching out @seth4 ! The plugin doesn’t currently support these properties at this moment in time but happy to help with a custom configuration if you want to see a sample or get stuck any parts along the way!

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Hi @lola!

Joined a daily call the other day and noticed this agenda on the left side, like a sidebar, is that something the plugin supports, or plans to support anytime soon?


Hey @josh27
You can add items alongside a Daily call in Bubble. Below is an example of adding buttons alongside a call so I imagine you could show an agenda too, it should also work with a floating group too.


Got you, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you for clarifying that @lola - appreciate the support :wave:

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Not a problem! Let me know how that goes or if you need any help!