[Solved] Recording an audio room with Daily.co plugin


I’m using the Daily Video Conferencing and Chat plugin to build a Clubhouse style audio room. I wanna record every call by default on the cloud. I’ve signed up for Daily and added my billing information (which I understand is the prerequisite for using Cloud recording feature).

But I can’t actually view any recordings in Daily.co dashboard after a new room is created and people join it and speak in it. What am I missing?

Clarification: I don’t intend to direct the user to the audio room URL (outside of my app). I’d like to host the call in my app and record it, too (right now I’m only able to host the call in app).

cc @lola

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Hi @sina!

Thanks for reaching out. You might be missing a start recording action somewhere which you can have on button press or trigger (how i have it set up in the demo) or right after a user joins a call.

Here’s a spartan editor of an audio only call that records the conversations and saves to the cloud and here’s an demo to try

Some things to note with the plugin there are some recent additions that haven’t yet been documented
I use thee daily events element to access things like recording-started and recording-stopped in the UI. In the demo, it’s hidden in a popup that doesn’t trigger, but it just needs to be somewhere on the page
daily events.png

I also use the begin listening action after someone joins a call for the events to trigger
Daily begin listening.png

Also happy to take a look at your editor if you dm me a link!


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omg thanks haha this solved the issue :raised_hands:

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another question (somewhat related):
I noticed start/stop recording workflows dont link to any specific room url or element. If I have multiple audio rooms running at the same time, and a user stops recording in one of them, will this stop recording in all other rooms too? or does the plugin assume/enforce that each user can only be in 1 room at a time?

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@sina Oh interesting, yes the plugin will start or stop recording for the room that the current bubble user is in. It won’t start or stop recording for rooms that the current user is not in, only for the one room that a user is in. Behind the scenes, it’s looking for the current active call to start or stop the recording.

You could have multiple users in separate audio rooms, but a single user couldn’t be in multiple different rooms at the same time.

Hopefully, that helps!


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Amazing. thanks.

Also something I learned (which may or may not be a bug, but anyway it’s not a blocker for me) is that I can’t put the following actions in 1 workflow, back to back:

  1. Create room
  2. join room
  3. start recording

they only work when i put them in separate workflows, called individually. Not a blocker but thought I’d mention it in case it’s not an intentional behaviour

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@sina that’s the expected behavior when the daily-join room action runs a user hasn’t necessarily entered a room yet, so the start recording may not actually start.

If you’d like a room to automatically start recording once a user enters the room then you’d use the meeting token action and set start cloud recording to yes and recording type to cloud

and then share that created token when creating the room, in this workflow it’s happening in sequence but you can store the token in your bubble database to use for later

and then you could the recording will start once the user with that token enters the room.

Here’s what that workflow editor looks like.