[Plugin Update] Personal Access Token Support on Airtable Plugin

A few months ago Airtable announced that they would be phasing out support for API Keys and moving everyone to use Personal Access Tokens instead by February 2024. At that time, we got a number of questions (like this this one and this one) about what this would mean for customers using the Airtable plugin.

The good news is that the Airtable plugin already supports Personal Access Tokens; we’ve updated the UI on the plugin to reflect that this is the case and also added some additional information on what else is required with this change. The main things to know are:

  • The schema.bases:read scope is required
  • When you are configuring a table, you must also add the appropriate scopes & access to this Personal Access Token through the Airtable console.

The updated UI and documentation are both live now. Just remember that you’ll want to make the change from API Key to Personal Access Token in your plugin before February 2024 when Airtable finishes deprecating support.