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[PLUGIN] - VideoJS Advanced + YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HLS, DASH, MUX, Pre-roll Ads (plus more)

Update pushed for you.

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Woot woot woot!

Thank you @pork1977gm Paul!

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Just tested this and it works well! Thank you again for the support.

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Thank you for the tips on how to lock the screen. I’m actually just trying to lock the video player and not the full page but this is not a must have but rather a nice to have feature plus the nice solution that you can make the video player full screen when playing makes this less of an issue.

That’s a bummer about vimeo, I’ll play around with it to see if I can still make it work. Thank you again for all your help!

No problems

Hi there Paul! I’ve just subscribed to your plugin and it looks very useful.

I am trying to build a kind of rewarded video using your plugin: by clicking the button user get a video that he should watch from start to end. If that is satisfied, he gets some extra virtual coins in the app.

So, I am trying to understand - where and how could I get these mentioned events?

I want to get feedback when the video is ended. Could you help me with that, please?

Hi @zifiry

So I think the one you want here is A videoJS player has ended.
That will trigger when the video actually ends.

Then you can run whatever actions you want after it triggers.

Hello @pork1977gm Paul!

Here with another request to add to your plugin.

Could you consider adding the ability to go full screen when you click on the plugin when the play controls are turned off and invisible?

This would avoid having to do this using a popup and adding a second element to the page (or third / fourth in a couple of pages which is the case of the app that I am working on). Plus … with a popup it is very difficult to achieve the full screen function that is achieved beautifully by the plugin.

Here you go…

Run the Execute method action and put this in it: requestFullscreen();


I also added the big play button event whilst I was in there, just in case it was needed.


Update has been pushed.

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Thank you @pork1977gm Paul!

Will be implementing this tomorrow!

Hi Paul! @pork1977gm

It works perfectly! Thank you!

Hello how are you? Any possibility of being able to play videos stored in NFT.Storage? this one would be example links :

They are in MP4 format

Congratulations on the Plug-in


Hi @miintmenft


Try setting the MIME type field to: video/mp4
That should make it work. If it still doesn’t let me know.

Is it possible to monetize the videos with ads? Any chance you have an example?

Also would the ads be clickable?

Looks like a great plugin!

Hi @luminrabbit

The ADS are clickable yes, you can define any URL you like behind the click and it will open up in a new tab. The only example I have right now is just that small AD button on the demo page, but I’ll put together a small demo later today where you can put in all your own details etc that will fed into the action.

Sorry, what do you mean by monetize? you mean by making money somehow?

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Hi @pork1977gm

Yes Monetization is a way to make money through ads, how youtube does it and also freemeium video games where you can have different kinds of ads the most popular is called interstitial (which covers the entire video). There are some reputable ad companies that will pay per click.

Here is a post from the forums and how they did it and who they use, having these in a video set dynamically when the end user of the app uploads a video would be fantastic :grinning:

I appreciate the quick response and seriously appreciate you putting together a demo, hat woukd be amazing, Thank you!

Ah ok I see now. So, what I’ve done is very much a basic way of doing it, well I say basic but it still took some considerable time to create and the links can go anywhere you like. I see the JS on @vnihoul77’s page is making the API request and controlling what happens with regards to the video appearing, whether it’s been watched, popups etc and it looks great.

I can make any modifications to the current way I’m doing it if you like, I think I would probably rather do that than to include another API into the plugin right now. Have you registered an account with already then or specifically want to use them?

Have a play with this demo.

Paul-testing-4 | Bubble Editor

There are 3 tabs, each one for controlling an Ad video and it’s relevant settings. Let me know your views etc and I’ll work with you on this.

Whoa! Your fast!

I’ll check it out tonight when I finish work, thank you!

I haven’t used adinplay or haven’t registered an account (just browsing different solutions), I’m new at this (web apps) and have a background in mobile games. I can say I like this so much more :smiley:


Does this plugin support 360 videos?

Keep up the great work. Thank you!

@pork1977gm Hi Paul,

I’m trying to copy your set-up for the mux integration just to get started but running into some issues.