[PLUGIN] Zoom API - Multi-User (SaaS)

Hi All,

Excited to launch a new plugin for Zoom which allows you to create a meeting room with some added benefits on top of the free alternative plugin. The most exciting part is that this version is Multi-tenant and allows you to specify the authorization key dynamically without exposing it publicly on the client’s side.

This plugin supports creating a meeting, updating a meeting, deleting a meeting. Meeting rooms can be protected with a password.

We also have added a lot more return values, useful for internal data.

Plugin page: Zoom - Video Conference Multi-User Plugin | Bubble


It is very useful, congratulations!

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It’s an alternative to oauth as it doesnt require any authorization. I agree that it’s realy useful for certain SaaS applications!

Sorry I’m advance for not knowing :joy:

Does this zoom plugin embed the meeting or does everyone still need to use the zoom software?

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You need to use the software. Check the demo app for clarification.

It’s better to just use the software :slight_smile:

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Good one! @nocodeventure

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Thank you, I appreciate it!

Do I understand correctly that this is intended to be used for a SaaS platform, so that customers can register their Zoom API keys and Secret Keys with the platform and then the platform can generate Zoom meetings on behalf of the customers by the click of a button?

If so, does Zoom require their users to be on a paid plan to access API- and Secret keys?


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I’m not sure about paid access to api keys, but this indeed supports sellers to integrate the calls with their own keys. From what I know, API keys should be available on every plan.

Okey - yeah API keys and Secret Keys seem to be available on all plans.

So the user needs to…

First, register their own so called “app” on zoom to access their API and Secret Keys
Then, register their keys on the platform (i.e. my app).

Nothing else needed, no so called “platform authentication”? That would be great…

Thanks again!

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That’s correct, no platform authentication required.

Wau - that’s great stuff.

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Hey @nocodeventure awesome plugin! Happy I bought it.

My question for you is around time / time zone. I’ve got all of the Zoom (found here) already uploaded and set under the Timezone field. However the invite that’s generated is still off by about 4 to 5 hours.

I believe this has to do with UTC / GMT. So I tried to fix this using the Start Time field, but it won’t let me pass thru because its a Date field and it’s returning a Text.

Have you had to deal with this? Can you provide any guidance?


Trying to understand the business application to this because I’m very interested

Let’s say I have a recruiter wanting to launch a quick meeting with a prospective candidate in the app. Can the recruiter request the user / candidate from the app a meeting button to launch an interaction?

Yes, that’s correct.

Sent you a PM

Would this plugin allow you to embed the zoom meeting itself in a bubble app? cc: @nocodeventure

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No it does not. You can use WebRTC for that.

Thanks for the answer @nocodeventure !