Plugins with JS in header - same IDs for Live/Development


Not sure if this is known already, but likely both @Bubble and plugin creator @ZeroqodeSupport will be very eager to know.

Basically when there is a plugin with some HTML header javascript, the keys defined by the user will show in the plugin configuration with Live and Dev configs for IDs… it seems it does not matter whether the 2 are different, after deploying the last entered ID will be used for both Development and Live.

I’ve tested it on 2 different plugins and it seems quite bad as it must be affecting all plugins like that :grimacing:

thanks for reporting this @cwmoss
sounds like a bug from @Bubble
@neerja could you please take a look at this?

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@cwmoss could you submit a bug report with details on the plugins where you confirmed this behavior. We will test.

reported as a plugin issue :slight_smile:

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