PM's what tools/stack are you using?

Hi fellow project / products managers. How are you doing with software tools for task & time management with your tech team?

I’m used to Slack, Trello and Timely, but I see we have a lot of new options from Asana, Basecamp, Monday, Harvest. Is there a newer stack that is common within the US that I’m not familiar with?

We’re team of 3, increasing 1 each month and I fear I’ll waste time & resources with older tools down the road.
*The main idea is to keep simple, friendly with devs but updated with the market nonetheless.

Hey @vitor370,

For me:

  • Slack
  • Notion
  • Linear
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:joy: what even is Basecamp :sweat_smile:


Jira, Miro, Tixio

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First time I head about Linear, looks great!

Indeed. Its also my first contact with it, in this project. They seem to be using this for years.

We built a tool,, to pull data from all of your systems across the org to provide a holistic view of your work. I’d be curious to build an integration with Linear as we haven’t used it. Asana is great for managing work, assuming your work structure fits their view of the world.