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Pointing an existing domain towards Bubble


I have a site that is currently hosted by InMotion hosting. I also purchased the domain there. I am trying to point that domain towards one of my Bubble apps. They are telling me that all I need to do is update the primary and secondary nameservers in their control panel.

The issue is, the domain settings tab in Bubble is telling me that I need to add DNS records to the domain name manager interface with InMotion. I’ve contacted InMotion, they assure me that this is not a step that I need to take because the DNS records would need to be configured with Bubble, not InMotion.

This is slightly confusing, does anyone have experience in this area? I have absolutely none but am trying to make this switch today, if possible. Do I need to simply update the nameservers with the current host or do I need to add DNS records with the current host, or some combination or something else entirely?


You need to add the DNS records. You’ll have to enter our records there.

Thanks. This is the message I’m getting from them…

"Hello again Gaston,

Thanks for contacting support, I am always happy to help! Yesterday I had the domain names released to you, so as long as you enter the nameservers through Melbourne ITs interface to point to the new hosting server,you should have no problems. The other dns records would have to be edited in the cPanel where ever the new hosting account is.

Hope this helps!

I’m not able to add the DNS records on their end because records already exist that are causing an error. I’m basically getting conflicting information from InMotion and Bubble. Are you saying that I don’t need to update the namerservers in their control panel? If so, can you provide them? In their control panel, the domain is currently pointed towards InMotion servers, the are telling me that I need to change this.

So you should delete the previous A records and enter the new ones.

OK, I’m deleting those records. There are also a handful of SRV records in addition to existing CNAME, TXT and A records. Should I delete their SRV records as well?

You shouldn’t have to. You should just erase the A ones, and copy the ones we give you.

Thanks. What about the nameservers? They are telling me making this update is not possible without updating the primary and secondary nameservers…

Looks like I may be good to go. Thanks for your patience @emmanuel!


Where do I find the Bubble DNS records?
Never mind worked it out, thanks anyway.