Dropdown list inputs not saving data

Hi, hoping this is another case where I submit a request and suddenly figure it out myself!

I’m trying to build a staff training register - the record of different training that each staff member has completed. My issue is that I have a dropdown box which grabs data type ‘Staff’, sorts it by surname then first name and displays it in a group. This bit works fine, but when I want to edit any of the fields, the workflow isn’t making the changes to the Staff data. Screenshots attached.

Are you sure the group has data?

It does, yup. I’ve also gone into the Data Source and tried to add constraints for each input. That didn’t work either. I know it will be something really simple that makes me headdesk!

What does the debugger say when you run the worklfow?..

Whoops, hit ‘reply’ too soon!

Have noticed it’s updating the popup, but not the parent group data.


your “thing to change” should be the dropdowns value. i dont think when you are selecting from the dropdown element, you are doing anything with that data type other than setting the dropdowns value with that staff

also your data source from the group is empty. set that to be dropdowns value, or make the dropdown set a value to the group when a selection is made

now i see your trying to update the staff information in the popup.

the popup groups data source needs to be the dropdown, or you need to create a workflow that sets the data of the group to the dropdowns selection.

then when you update, your updating parent groups staff

THANK YOU!! I knew it was going to be some small, stupid thing I’d missed. :smiley:

wont be your last. just dont break anything in the process of learning. thankfully my desk is still holding up

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