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Saving data from popup, issue with dropdown


  1. I’m doing basic project listing, which I will list all the current project, the details. And list it / query from database.

For item (1), i’ve managed to do it successfully.

  1. Next I’m doing the basic popup form, which I will read the selected listing, and to edit it.

This is where my problem occur.

Within the same page, I’ve added popup form, and populate back the original data to the popup form.

For static item, with normal text, All is ok. Which I can populate into the popup, edit, and save it back into DB.

But for Dropdown item, this is my problem occur.

I’ve managed to populate the data into the popup, and managed to select drop down (i’m using dyamic choice). All the dynamic choice populated succesfully.

But when I’ve selected to new dynamic data from popup, and click save.

The new selected dynamic popup data is not being saved.

What’s the problem?

below is my setting for the group, popup, and photo showing the dynamic data being populate correctly. Just when I save it, it will just save blank item. The DB for that drop down will be empty.


As you can see, after edit the dyanmic dropdown, my DB will be emptied. If put static is ok, just dynamic drop down have this issue updating back data into DB.

Hey, it looks like you’re dynamically populating the Placeholder value for your dropdown, but you should be populating the Default value. The placeholder does nothing but provide a visual cue to the user.

Hi sir,

So do you mean I should populate it in the default value yes.
When I do search at the default value, what should I set?

As in the placholder it’s directly conducting search for > [Parent’s Group] [Projects’s] [PIC]

But in Default value , it needs me to input additional info. Is, is not, contains… etc.
What should I select? Thank you. I’m just stuck with this drop down menu. Other’s so far I’m ok. Hope somebody can assist me.

  1. As this form is used to edit the existing data, I need the existing data to be put as value inside the popup form. But still can change to new data, using the dynamic dropdown if they needed.

If can give me some link to read also would be good. I’ve tried some tutorial on youtube, but doesn’t get the same result.


The dropdown is set for a choice of users

In the default box … give it what it expects … a user

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The default value, is the value that should be forwarded /passed by the Parent’s Group > Project’s > PIC.

But, when I put default value : Parent’s Group’s Project’s PIC, it still request me additional info. What should I compare the data with? As Parent’s Group’s Project’s PIC is the data. It’s only one default value from existing DB. When the page populated, it will do a search for PIC for the exact row and display it. And when button edit pressed, it will push the row data inside the Parent’s Group > and display it inside the default value of the popup menu.

If you can see, if I put only this, it popup error. What additional condition should I set?

Above is my Workflow, when the exact column, edit button is clicked.

  1. My form will populate data from DB , for each row will have one edit button. When the edit button clicked, it will show the popup, which will then pass the Parent’s Group Data Selected. For this problem, it’s PIC column.

Only problem with dynamic dropdown, for static column, and static dropdown all is ok up to save back data to DB.

Cannot follow but is not important to follow as this is simple.

The dropdown is set to a thing
Give it the thing it expects

… if the thing it expects cannot be given for whatever reason:

Check you dB structure which is most likely the problem
Or … perhaps the dropdown’s thing is not the right thing and should be something else

This is My DB . PIC is set to text. any wrong?

  1. As I’m using dynamic choices, the dropdown choices, i condut search from other DB, (user). and choose all the list of username listed there.

As above.

  1. So what I want to achieve now is :

i) Populate the Default value in the popup, from the Parent’s Group Data into the default value dynamic dropdown. So, if I dont change anything, it will remain the original data.

ii) But if I would like to amend that existing data, I can click the dropdown, it will display all other choices from the dynamic choices (in this case : username list from user DB).

iii) Then, once selected, push back this new selected into the DB.

Hope it clears. Looks simple, but anyhow I’m new to bubble. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Change the field PIC in the project object from type text to type user

Yey, it works!

Thanks cmarchan.

So this workaround only occur for user yes. Thank you.

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The user object is special in Bubble because the platform uses it to authenticate, signup, login, logout … users :grinning:

If you wanted another object (data type) to manage say contacts … then create it :+1:t2:. It will be just like any other object for example a task, a transaction, a project, etc etc. :+1:t2:

Noted. Thank You